Bed Wars







About this app


Requires OS

4.4 and up



Released on

September 6, 2018

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Blockman GO studio

In Bed Wars, a thrilling Android game, you engage in PVP battles to safeguard your base, symbolized by a bed. You must strategically utilize all resources at your disposal to both protect your bed and destroy the beds of opposing players. By mastering these tactics, you can secure victory in this highly entertaining and action-packed game of relentless competition and strategy.

The Rules of the Game

In this engaging and competitive game, you are part of a team with four players, each starting on separate islands that house a bed as a base. To keep your teammates reviving, your bed must stay intact, emphasizing the importance of bed protection. On your island, you can find merchant stores to purchase upgrades and items using various resources such as iron, diamonds, gold, and emeralds.

Your objective is to utilize the blocks and equipment at your disposal to gather more resources and fortify your island. To attack enemy islands and destroy their beds, construct bridges to reach them. The first team to successfully eliminate all opposing beds claims victory.

The Bed: Crucial in Gameplay

In BedWars, the bed is the central element on each island, symbolizing its life force. Ensuring its safety is vital, as losing the bed disables any future respawns upon death. Don’t forget to gather as many emeralds as possible, since they are the most valuable resource. Additionally, aim to completely eliminate opponents to seize their entire inventory. Diamonds also hold significance, so collect them diligently. Using these strategies and prioritizing the protection of your bed can greatly improve your chances of success in the game.