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Released on

April 21, 2020

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The ArriveCAN App assists you as a traveler in meeting requirements for entering Canada. As a measure to ensure public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, this app allows you to complete a mandatory 14-day quarantine plan, submit your contact details, and provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result before boarding your flight or crossing the Canadian border. Additionally, the app offers updated information on travel restrictions and other pertinent subjects. Remember, using the ArriveCAN App makes your travel to Canada smoother while contributing to the well-being of everyone in the country.

ArriveCAN App Features

The ArriveCAN app streamlines your entry into Canada with a variety of helpful features at your disposal. By utilizing this app, you can do the following:

  • Pre-arrival registration: Register with ArriveCAN before entering Canada by providing your name, date of birth, passport details, and contact information.
  • Automated document verification: Let the app automatically verify your travel documents, such as passports, visas, and eTA’s, upon arrival at the Canadian border.
  • Digital declaration form: Complete your declaration form electronically prior to arrival, reducing wait times by eliminating paper forms.
  • Traveler tracking: Monitor your travels efficiently with the app’s built-in tracking capabilities.

With these features, the ArriveCAN app aims to make your travel experience more seamless and convenient.

What are the benefits of using ArriveCAN App?

Using the ArriveCAN App offers you several advantages as a traveler:

  • Submitting required travel documents securely and conveniently before entering Canada
  • Saving time by completing the process in advance, avoiding long lines at the port of entry
  • Storing your travel documents securely, allowing easier access when needed
  • Accessing essential information on travel restrictions and quarantine requirements before entering Canada
  • Utilizing a free and user-friendly app to make your travel to Canada quicker and safer

By using ArriveCAN, you can enhance your travel experience and comply with public health measures more effectively.

ArriveCAN App Review

ArriveCAN is a valuable app designed to assist you in staying updated on your Canadian immigration process. The app helps you conveniently monitor your application status while providing essential details about various immigration stages.

Using ArriveCAN is a breeze, as its user interface is straightforward, enabling you to access the necessary information effortlessly. Notifications are both timely and valuable, offering a real-time understanding of your present application status. Moreover, the app facilitates communication with an immigration representative if needed.

In summary, for those pursuing their Canadian immigration process, ArriveCAN proves to be an indispensable tool. Its user-friendliness, reliability, and timely updates make it an essential companion for your journey.

Apps Comparable to ArriveCAN App

Among the numerous mobile apps available on Google Play and the App Store, several apps serve purposes similar to the ArriveCAN App. These apps assist travelers in various ways as they enter or leave Canada. The following apps are worth considering:

  • eDeclaration: Facilitates completing electronic declaration forms for travelers entering Canada.
  • CANPASS Air: Allows travelers to apply for travel authorization when entering Canada via air.
  • CBSA Mobile App: Offers information on border wait times, duties, taxes, and other essential travel tips.
  • Traveler’s Aid: Provides valuable data on travel documents, customs regulations, and additional resources for Canada-bound or departing travelers.
  • MyTrip – Canadian Border Crossing: Helps in tracking arrival times at the Canadian border and delivers real-time notifications about wait times and important travel info.