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Requires OS

5.0 and up



Released on

November 24, 2017

Updated on

3 Days Ago


TOH Talent Team

Applock – Fingerprint Password App enables you to safeguard your personal files and information by setting a password, fingerprint, or pattern. This user-friendly tool helps secure your private content and images. Additionally, it offers a variety of features, such as hiding apps, restricting unauthorized access to certain apps, and locking specific files or folders. The app also allows you to back up your data as a precaution against data loss, ensuring your information stays protected.

Applock – Fingerprint Password App Features

The Applock – Fingerprint Password App offers several features to keep your data secure:

  • Secure Lock Screen: Make use of fingerprint authentication for enhanced security, along with pattern and PIN code alternatives.
  • Photo Vault: Safeguard your private photos with password protection, ensuring they stay hidden from prying eyes.
  • Customizable Profiles: Tailor profiles according to your preferences, allowing different locks for various apps or functions.
  • Time Lock: Set up time-based locks on specific apps or functions, making them inaccessible during designated time periods.
  • Stealth Mode: Maintain discretion with invisible pattern locks and concealed app icons to keep your privacy intact.

What are the benefits of using Applock – Fingerprint Password App?

Applock – Fingerprint Password offers several advantages to enhance your device’s security and privacy. Key benefits include:

  • Added security to protect your private data and apps from unauthorized access.
  • Quick unlocking with a single touch using your fingerprint or a password.
  • Multiple profiles for different users, each with their own secured space on the device.
  • In-app purchase protection by locking the app to prevent accidental purchases.
  • Content hiding for sensitive photos and videos, shielding them from unwanted viewers.

Applock – Fingerprint Password App Review

Applock – Fingerprint Password helps protect your phone from unauthorized access with an array of security options. You can use fingerprint scanning, password protection, or pattern lock to secure your device. Furthermore, it enables you to remotely lock and unlock your device from anywhere. Valuably, the app includes an intruder selfie function that snaps photos of anyone attempting to access your phone without permission. With this app, you can effectively safeguard your personal data and maintain privacy on your device.

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