Angry Birds 2







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5.1 and up



Released on

July 23, 2015

Updated on

3 Days Ago


Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Angry Birds 2, developed by Rovio Entertainment, offers players a physics-based puzzle experience. As the follow-up to the iconic Angry Birds game, you are tasked with using a slingshot to launch birds at structure-bound pigs, aiming to destroy them and achieve high scores. You can unlock additional levels as you progress, while power-ups and tournaments add to the excitement. The game, available in English, can be played on both iOS and Android devices. With memorable characters and engaging gameplay, Angry Birds 2 continues the classic legacy of the original game.

Angry Birds 2 App Features

Experience a captivating and enthralling bird-flinging, pig-popping game with Angry Birds 2. Here are some highlights:

  • Choose which bird to fling with strategy and enjoy multi-stage levels to outsmart those Boss Pigs.
  • Immerse yourself in upgraded graphics and visuals.
  • Unlock powerful spells and power-ups to advance at a faster pace.
  • Compete in real-time battles against other players for the highest score.
  • Share your scores on social media and challenge your friends.
  • Keep track of top scores on the leaderboards.
  • Access additional content through in-app purchases.
  • Test your skills with daily challenges, as they bring quick rewards.

No matter your skill level, dive into the world of Angry Birds 2 and rule the roost!

What are the benefits of using Angry Birds 2 App?

Angry Birds 2 offers you an engaging gaming experience with constantly updated levels, allowing for endless entertainment. You can compete in tournaments and climb leaderboards against players worldwide. Enjoy collecting power-ups and strategic items to advance further in the game, and complete daily missions for extra coins and gems rewards. Best of all, the game is free to download and play, making it accessible for everyone to join the flock and have fun with friends.

Angry Birds 2 App Review

Angry Birds 2 is a widely known mobile game by Rovio Entertainment, succeeding the original game released in 2009. The game offers a range of levels, each presenting unique challenges and objectives.

As a player, you will find the gameplay in Angry Birds 2 quite familiar to the first one, with a few exciting additions. You still launch birds using the slingshot aiming to destroy structures and score points. Besides, you now get to use power-ups and spells to assist you in your missions. The game also introduces boss levels, in which you must defeat formidable foes to advance.

You’ll appreciate the upgraded graphics offering a more visually enjoyable experience compared to the original game. The sound effects have also been enhanced, adding to the immersive gameplay. Through leaderboards and game center integration, you can compete with others and strive to be on the global leaderboards. All these features come together to make Angry Birds 2 an entertaining game worth playing.

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These enjoyable alternatives maintain the fun factor, while keeping age ratings family-friendly. Happy gaming!