Among Us

Among Us is a new multiplayer game for PC, Android, and iOS to play with friends and strangers online. As either a Crewmember or Impostor, you try to survive as players are voted out one by one. Whilst the game first rose to popularity on mobile, after it's continued promotion by famous gaming YouTubers such as PewDiePie and MrBeast, it now has additional releases across several platforms. This is great for gamers who enjoy the fully immersive experience of PC gaming. It is fair to say that Among Us has reached the leaderboard of most popular games in history and is here to stay, with the studio recently confirming an Among Us 2 is in the works. Let's see how to download and install Among Us on PC and get started playing it.

Among Us

Among Us
PriceFree (In-Game Purchases)
SourceSteam, iOS, Android

Step 1: How To Download Among Us

So, the first thing to do is to download and install Steam. If you already have Steam on your PC and a Steam account, you can skip ahead to step 2.

Go to the Steam online store and download and install the Steam software. The step-by-step wizard will guide you through the process, which includes creating a Steam account. Steam should then open automatically. If not, run the program.

Step 2: How To Install Among Us

Look for Among Us in the Steam games store and purchase it. To do that:

  • Make sure that you are in the “STORE” tab at the top of the screen.
  • Type “Among Us” into the search bar at the far right and press “enter.”
  • The very first result should be the one you’re looking for, so select it.
  • On the game’s page, scroll down until you see the green “Add to cart” button and click it.
  • On the next page, it will ask you to either “Purchase for myself” or “Purchase as a gift.” Choose the first one to buy and download the game for this Steam account and PC.
  • If this is your first time buying a Steam game, you will need to provide a payment method. Visa, Mastercard, or Skrill are available.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and then click “Purchase.”

After a few moments, you’ll be taken to a “Thank you” screen if the purchase was successful. A bit further down, there will be an “Install content” link. Click this, and you’ll see a screen that confirms whether you have enough storage space and where you want the game to be installed. Review everything, and then click “Next” to start the download.

Go to the “LIBRARY” tab at the top of the Steam application. You should see Among Us listed in alphabetical order with all your other games to the left. If you click on it, the Among Us game dashboard will open up.

If you didn’t start downloading the game, you can do so now by clicking the blue “INSTALL” button. Otherwise, you will see a green “PLAY” button to run the game.

Step 3: How To Get Started With Playing Among Us

Once the game launches, you will see several options:

  • Local: This is where you play with others on the same WiFi network as you.
  • Online: Play with friends or strangers over the internet.
  • How to play: A step-by-step introduction to the basic game premise, objectives, controls, etc.
  • Freeplay: Play by yourself on one of the maps to see how the actual map looks and how the controls and tasks work.

Before you play a game, you can change your display name at the top of the main menu by clicking on the word “PLAYER.”

How To Play Your First Among Us Game

To play a Local game, first, make sure that you and all your friends are connected to the same WiFi. At least one player needs to Host a game:

  • Go to “Local” and then click “Create Game.”
  • Everyone else also goes to “Local” and finds the game under “Available Games.”
  • Once everyone is present in the lobby, the host can click “Start” to begin a game

How To Play Online

Playing online is very similar to playing locally. You can either host or join a public or private game. To join a privately hosted game, you will need a unique code generated by the host.

All available public games will be listed under Online -& Public Games. To join a Private game, enter the code beneath Online -& Private. If it’s correct, you’ll automatically be taken to the game lobby.

Everything You Need To Know About Among Us

Among Us Objectives

You will play in groups of 4 to 10 people. The premise is that you are the crew of a space ship, but a murderous Alien has infected up to 3 Crewmembers.

At the start of the game, players are told whether they are Crewmembers or Impostors. Only each individual player knows his status.

The objective of Crewmembers is to complete all the tasks on their ship or to vote out all Impostors to be ejected into space and killed. Impostors aim to kill all Crewmembers before they complete enough tasks or before they get voted out.

Crewmembers and Impostors can call emergency meetings to discuss among themselves and then vote for an Impostor or abstain from voting. Impostors themselves can vote and try to persuade voting out legitimate Crewmembers.

Tasks include connecting wires, emptying garbage, destroying meteorites, and uploading/downloading data. Impostors can also sabotage parts of the ship, like turning off the lights or locking rooms, to make it easier to kill Crewmembers undetected.

Impostors also automatically win when there is the same number of Crewmembers left as Impostors.

Play On Mobile

Among Us is also available to play on Android or iOS mobile devices and tablets. You can find and install it directly from either the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Unlike the PC version, both the Android and Apple versions of Among Us are completely free. That being said, PC and mobile gamers can play Among Us together as it’s completely cross-platform compatible.

Customize Your Character

While waiting in the lobby before every game, you can customize your character. Choose the color of your space suit, add a colorful hat, or bring along a pet. You can also buy unique items for your character to stand out. These purchases are for looks only and don’t give you an advantage in any way.

Interact With Others Using Built-In Live Chat

One of the aspects that makes Among Us engaging and exciting is the built-in chat functionality. Even if a player figures out who the Impostor is, they will need to convince other players using the group chat. At the same time, Impostor’s can try to frame other players or protest their innocence.

Without any hard evidence, you either have to take someone’s word. As you play, you’ll have to try and figure out who is an Impostor by looking for tell-tale signs, eliminating potential suspects, and try to decide who you can and can’t trust by their actions. This makes every new game unique with twists and turns around every corner.

Among Us: An Overview

Among Us is popular for a number of very good reasons. First, the game is deceptively easy to learn to play with a basic premise and rules. However, once the game starts, all bets are off. Each player must rely on their social skills and deductive reasoning to survive and win.

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