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January 19, 2018

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As a user of 2ndLine, you can benefit from the convenience and security that comes with having a second phone number on your Android or iOS device. This app allows you to make calls, send texts, and browse the internet while maintaining your privacy and enhancing communication flexibility.

Managing multiple phone numbers becomes simple, as the app enables you to set different ringtones for each number, block incoming calls from specific contacts, and even conceal your caller ID when desired. Furthermore, 2ndLine provides affordable international calling without the burden of extra fees like roaming or long-distance charges, making staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues across the globe seamless and cost-effective.

2ndLine – Feature-Packed Second Phone Number App

With the 2ndLine app, you can effortlessly obtain a second phone number for your smartphone. This handy app bestows you with various features, including:

  • Texting and Calling: send and receive text messages and make phone calls with your additional number.
  • Free of Charge: no additional fees or contracts when using the basic features.
  • Emojis, Stickers, and GIFs: enhance your texting experience.
  • Caller ID and Spam Blocking: protect your privacy.
  • Customizable Settings: personalize ringtones, text-tones, and voicemail options.
  • Voicemail Transcription: get written transcripts of your voicemails.
  • Call Forwarding: stay connected when you’re on the move.
  • International Calling: extend your communication options beyond borders.
  • Elastic Calling: switch between mobile data and WiFi for improved call quality.

Simply download and install 2ndLine, and enjoy the convenience of a feature-packed second phone number on your device.

What are the benefits of using 2ndLine – Second Phone Number App?

  • Privacy and Security: You gain greater privacy by separating your personal number from a second number dedicated for other purposes. Plus, you can block unwanted calls and messages.
  • Convenience: Make and receive calls and texts globally without needing multiple phones or SIM cards. Access useful features like voicemail, call forwarding, and group messaging.
  • Cost Savings: 2ndLine provides an affordable solution to stay connected without additional phone plans or international roaming fees.
  • Flexibility: The app allows you to create multiple numbers, giving you the ability to have separate lines for business, personal, or even international use. With 2ndLine, you can experience unlimited calling within the US and Canada, a local phone number, and cheap international calls – accommodating your communication needs.

2ndLine – A Rundown of the Second Phone Number App

With 2ndLine – Second Phone Number app, you can effortlessly generate a second phone number to call, text, and access various features. This app, compatible with Android 8.0 and above devices, is free to download from the Play Store. You can also opt for a subscription that unlocks extra functionalities.

Boasting an intuitive interface and decent call clarity, this app allows you to tailor your additional number by choosing a specific area code and setting up voicemail. Perfect for mobile professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or just for personal use, 2ndLine offers a convenient solution to your communication needs.

Have your Android device, Wi-Fi or cellular network, and a passcode ready to create an account, and you’ll be on your way to seamless connectivity with friends or business contacts. Just ensure to maintain a stable Wi-Fi connection or cellular network for the best user experience.

Apps Similar to 2ndLine – Second Phone Number App

You can find numerous alternatives to 2ndLine for a second phone number. Some of them include:

  • Line2 – An app for a second number and texting capabilities
  • Sideline – A business-oriented second number solution
  • Burner – Offers temporary phone numbers
  • Hushed – A private phone line app
  • Flyp – Allows multiple personal numbers on one device
  • Phoner – A separate 2nd phone number app
  • Dingtone – Provides a free phone line
  • Numero eSIM – A virtual phone number app
  • TextPlus – Gives users a free US number

These apps can serve as efficient communication tools for different purposes such as business accounts and improving privacy.