Why ‘Smart Things’ Is Needed In A Samsung Ecosystem

Samsung is an undisputed global leader in introducing innovative high-tech products, which makes a significant contribution to the process of progressive technological development on a planetary scale. Offering an extensive range of products and services, including those implemented with artificial intelligence elements, Samsung tries to keep up with the times, making efforts to introduce the […]

Installing And Customizing Samsung Health On Android & iOS

Samsung Health is a comprehensive health-tracking app. Samsung develops it in collaboration with the WellDoc Therapeutic Association. All the information the program receives from Samsung’s wearable devices and integrated sensors of the smartphone itself. You can install it on android phones (OS 5.0 and above) and iOS (OS 7 and above). You can also read: […]

Top 10 File Managers For Android

There is no denying that a good file manager is an essential thing on a smartphone or tablet. Using these programs, you can search, view files, manage built-in memory, connected drives, move data to different folders, groups, etc. Yes, few people like to sit on the phone, rearranging the file from one folder to another. […]

Top 8 Task Manager For Android

The android operating system has long won most people’s hearts and continues to do so with the help of many different practical applications. But, for most of them, the background usage of the android apps becomes a fuss. It overloads the gadget and uses excessive RAM, which for this reason quickly ends. And to solve […]

Working With ES Explorer: Features and Benefits

To date, there are a considerable number of different explorers (or file managers) for Android. Devices based on this system every day more and more. Not so long ago on Android came out mainly smartphones with a small screen diagonal. But today, the list of devices is covered with huge tablets and even desktop computers. […]

Best VPN Apps For Android

Protecting your Internet connection is one of the most pressing issues these days. Finding a stable and proven program that will help avoid the loss of personal information and provide free surfing in the Internet space is not so easy. Android users know the problems with VPN firsthand. After analyzing several dozen programs, was compiled […]