Xiaomi’s App Vault MIUI 12- Usage Features

Chinese company Xiaomi never ceases to amaze with constant updates. The manufacturer really bothers with new, more useful programs, thereby expanding the smartphone’s functionality. The MIUI firmware update has brought an app you can’t get past – App Vault. Developers say that such software will make life easier for users. Let’s take a closer look at this.

What is App Vault

App Vault (also called Mi Assistant) is a particular folder that displays some of the system widgets and programs most needed by the user. This is the so-called “second desktop” where you can transfer essential software.

Xiaomi's App Vault Program

Considering the phone model and installed firmware, you can add a specific list of exciting applications—for example, messengers, notes, pedometer, quick search, etc. In particular versions, you can even call a taxi Ola. No need to waste extra time searching; Mi assistant will arrange the right software in the correct order.

Xiaomi first introduced the App Vault in 2017 with the release of MIUI 9. Today, more than 40 services in 14 categories are available for use.

ADVICE. By transferring files to the program, you release additional memory on your phone for proper purposes.

The program has three separate blocks where the user can place the programs in the correct order. For example, in one block to celebrate all special dates and events. In the second – add notes or notes necessary shortly (list of planned cases, purchases, etc.). For users who monitor physical activity, it is convenient to use a pedometer in the third block.

How to set up App Vault

Even the average smartphone user to set up the App Vault will not be difficult. If you have a new firmware from Xiaomi, flick through the screen from left to right, and the program is open.

If no changes have occurred, it means that the firmware on the device is out of date. Then you need to open the menu, find “Settings,” find “Worktable… and click “Enable Mi Assistant” (sometimes “Enable the Widget Feed”).

Key features

Among the main functionality of the program is worth highlighting:

  1. The ability to create quick notes: you do not need to spend time to find the next notepad. Note the information, and it will always be in front of your eyes.
  2. Start apps in seconds.
  3. The ability to customize widgets based on the user’s preferences: independently determine the necessary applications (messengers, notes, etc.), having the ability to run them without wasting time.
  4. The assistant will not let you forget about important events and events: it is enough to open the event function, choose the date of the event, location, or other necessary information.
  5. The utility is entirely free for all devices from Xiaomi that have MIUI software.

How to disable App Vault

Users note that such software noticeably simplifies and significantly speeds up the work with the phone.

But despite the flexibility and convenience, few people enjoy such an improvement, citing the futility of the volatility.

If you want to remove App Vault, you have to be upset: it is impossible to eliminate it because it is a system utility.

In MIUI 9 and 10, nothing happens when you try to disable the program by switching the slider to “Off.” in the Settings menu.

With a development firmware, you can try to disable the software as follows: go to Settings, find a “Work desk…” and click “Turn off the widget feed.” But removal is not possible in any of the options.

The Mi-assistant is Xiaomi’s attempt to do something similar to Google’s voice assistant. It is impossible to say for sure whether App Vault is needed. Each user should personally determine the importance of software. Someone is convenient and fast. On the contrary – it is easier to go to the menu and leaf through the calendar or write notes. Was Xiaomi able to make a useful application? Share your opinion in the comments.

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