Working With ES Explorer: Features and Benefits

To date, there are a considerable number of different explorers (or file managers) for Android. Devices based on this system every day more and more. Not so long ago on Android came out mainly smartphones with a small screen diagonal. But today, the list of devices is covered with huge tablets and even desktop computers. ES Explorer has well-deserved popularity on such devices. How do I use this program? And why do so many smartphone owners prefer this solution? Next, we will talk about working with an ES Explorer for Android and its essential functions. We will also look at the main differences between ES Explorer and its competitors.

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Other File Managers

In Google’s Play Market, you can find almost any app supported by the Android operating system. And for sure, ES Explorer will be among the first. Just start looking in the software catalog File Manager. There are a lot of users who do not use third-party managers on their devices. Those who actively use them prefer an ES Explorer- used to organize your files efficiently, with more flexibility and faster file system navigation.

Let’s pay attention to some of of the competitors of ES Explorer-

  • Total Commander is an analog of its “desktop” fellow, loved by users for simply ultimatum functionality.
  • File Manager is quite a popular program, which has thrown a lot of advertising. For what it and do not like users with experience.
  • File Manager” by Xiaomi. Not a wrong application that is included in the standard set with devices of this firm. There is no advertising. The interface is straightforward. At the same time, low functionality. A beginner who is not very active with files is suitable.
  • X-plore File Manager – was released on old Phones Nokia with Symbian platform. Unfortunately, he is only famous for this.

If you chose ES Explorer, you probably wonder how to work with ES Explorer in Android. That’s what we’re going to talk about.

Installing and setting up ES Explorer

ES Explorer– what is this program? A versatile file manager loved by smartphone owners for its functionality, ease, and ease of customization. Its menus are logical, and the appearance is good helps to navigate the file system of the smartphone.

Installing ES Explorer is easy – find it in the Play Store, click “Install,” and accept all the necessary permissions. Once downloaded, the program will appear in the app menu. How to install an ES Explorer on Android – you already know. Next, you can try to understand this program.

The interface does not stand out from the competition. Unless the bright blue color of folders adds colors to the overall picture. Otherwise, everything is relatively standard – the top meets the navigation line, and the bottom – two main function buttons. But appearance is quite simple enough to change. It would be best if you pressed the View button on the bottom bar. So you can move on to a different view of files and folders.

You can immediately connect cloud storage to Explorer. To do this, click “Create” and follow the instructions on the screen.


It is worth considering the primary tabs of the program:

  • Bookmarks: Here, you can see all the folders and files added for a quick call. To return to them, click on one of the bookmarks.
  • Tools: Lots of extra tools to work with Android. Memory management, downloads, Network Manager, Root-explorer, and more.
  • Network: Set up a network whose files will be displayed.
  • Libraries: Fast access to the user’s top libraries. This is the analog of the name folder.

You have briefly figured out how to use the ES Explorer for Android. As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort. Any newcomer can easily cope because the program interface is sharpened for almost all needs already “out of the box.” And in Google Play, you can find a rich selection of themes for the program. They will help those who are not satisfied with the appearance of the Explorer.

Moving files

Moving files in the program is easy. To do this, you should hold your finger on a file or folder and wait for a tick to appear on the item. If necessary, you can similarly select several items. If one thing is selected, all of the following are chosen with a short tap.

Using ES Explorer, how do you move files from folder to folder? Find the “Move to…” button on the menu below or side And select the end folder. All selected elements will be moved to it.

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Other possibilities

Gesture management is also well implemented in the EU Explorer. You can set it up with the main menu items. When gesture mode is turned on, you’ll see around the item on the screen that shows where the gesture should be entered. Gestures can be programmed and give it any complexity – the main thing is that you remember the combination. Over time, you’ll have an easy time figuring out how to set a variety of file manager functions on gestures.

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Conclusion: Is ES Explorer for Android worth your time?

We have already talked about how to launch an ES Explorer on Android. Some elements of this file manager are installed to run automatically. These can be cache cleaners, audio and video player, and other equally valuable programs.

ES Explorer for Android is simple. You can use our other guides to learn how to use other similar android apps. If you have questions or want to discuss something with other users, please use the comment section below.

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