How To Turn Android Into An iPhone

Dear readers, today we will try to learn How To Turn Android Into An iPhone. As mentioned above, you’ll need to install some apps on your device to change the design of some elements. In this regard, we will consider separate categories of utilities that can help you fulfill your desire.

We’ll look at launchers, lock screens, new keyboards, and add-ons that allow you to delve further into design changes. Let’s say that all programs can be downloaded from the official Google Play app store for free. Some utilities have built-in ads, so be prepared for that. Also, note that Espier programs (which you will learn about further) can only be downloaded from third-party resources. They require an internet connection.

DISCLAIMER: When installing some products, there is a risk of system disruption.


Many smartphone users running the Android operating system know this word. But if you come across this concept for the first time, we will clarify this issue a little bit. Launchers are unique apps that allow you to entirely or partially change the look of your desktop and your device’s menu page. We can say that here the launcher will be almost a critical program in our operation.

Let’s take a look at the list of the most popular shells:

  • OS9 Launcher HD. It has changed the icons of absolutely all standard applications and a large number of third-party. There’s also a semblance of a 3DTouch feature that’s familiar to iPhone 6S users. Of the cons can be noted, perhaps, only the presence of an advertising banner on the search page analog Spotlight. Google is used in the search bar.
  • iLauncher X. Is a pretty good launcher, but it’s got app icons different from the icons in the iOS operating system. However, here is a notification panel made in some iPhone designs. Of course, the ideal is far, but a good start has already been laid. Perhaps the developers will update this in their future versions. It is also presented, as in the previous program, the analog of the page Spotlight.
  • Espier Launcher. There are almost all the icons of applications on the iPhone: even a compass, promotions, FaceTime. If you have root superuser rights on your device, it’s a good idea to put the app in the system/app folder. Launcher iOS 14 is one of the best launchers, imitating the iOS 14 on Android.

Imitation alerts

Unfortunately, the functionality of the previously described launchers is not enough to achieve this goal. Therefore, you’ll need a separate app to display alerts like the iPhone. For example, you can choose between FloatiFy or iNotifier X. They will be even closer and dearer.

iOS 13 screen and notification app for Android

However, the most recent OS versions will require disabling notification displays to make them work correctly. This is done through the Settings – Apps menu. This option makes your smartphone control more recognizable than Apple’s.

Imitation of blinds and status bar

Special chips can also radically change the impression of the gadget. These “buttons” include a status bar and a blind. All of this will require completely separate programs, such as iNotify X or iOs. The first application is considered more advanced because it can change two chips simultaneously and is combined with other launchers.

Wallpaper from iOS

It is effortless to get branded “apple wallpaper” screens. To do this, we go to the Google Photo app. In the archive, which is contained there, choose the picture that most liked. We use it as wallpaper. There is an automatic update and the addition of new images as they are released.

Imitation of download and lock screens

One of the most important and challenging things to do when moving to an iPhone is to simulate a branded boot screen. You’ll need root rights first. You can install a custom application downloader TWRP and, with its help to transfer the archive to the catalog of the media download section.

ATTENTION. This item will not be possible for devices with an OS version above 8.0. Regardless of any updates, the home download screen will remain.

Lock screen

Lock Screen is the second most important in operation to change the design of your smartphone. After all, if you want to make an iPhone from Android, what will be able to convey the atmosphere of the apple product immediately after the display is turned on? Of course, it will be a lock screen. Let’s say that all the programs presented make it look like iPhone. If there are any unique additions, they will be mentioned separately.

  • OS11 Lock Screen. Once you’ve started the utility, you’re asked to set some options (wallpaper, password, text, etc.) for the lock screen.
  • EspierLocker 7 Pro. The only difference from the previous utility is that the drawing here is more like the iPhone lock screen: notifications, device unlock buttons, SOS keys, and camera.


Apple’s iOS operating system keyboard is convenient, even though it doesn’t have a typing feature without taking your finger off the screen. But many do not use this type of printing. It is also worth noting that the speed of work is much inferior to the standard keyboard of your device. So if you’re not confused by this point, and you want to do more Android as an iPhone, then consider keyboard software:

  • Apple Keyboard. 
  • iPhone Keyboard. A pretty good analog of the native keyboard of the Apple device, which is also free to download.

Other imitators

Here, dear friends, we will look at other unique applications that further integrate the design of Apple smartphones on your Android. Typically, this software is not downloaded freely from Google or Play Market because it is difficult to call it official and ensure that it does not lead to negative consequences. So, the main exciting applications for changing the interface:

  1. X Code Simulator. One of the best solutions for those who want to test the iPhone without purchasing it. It is entirely plausible to imitate the activity testing can be a variety of web resources and applications. All of them will perfectly reproduce the appearance of Apple’s “operation” with the preservation of external similarity.
  2. Xamarin iOs Simulator. The toolkit is part of the Microsoft Visual Studio environment, and the simulation capabilities are similar to the program described above. You can test a wide variety of apps without using your iPhone. There is support for skirnshots, touchscreens, etc.
  3. Appetize. The app is given for free for only 100 minutes of use. It can function in different browsers, allows you to run your apps, provides access to your desktop.

iCalculator is an Android app that mimics a calculator on an iPhone


Dear readers, today we tried to learn how to make an iPhone from Android. We hope that you have succeeded and you were satisfied with your result. Once again, we remind you that all actions you do at your own risk. No one is responsible for the operations performed. We share our impressions and the work done in the comments. Who had the experience of switching the interface to Apple?

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