Top 8 Task Manager For Android

The android operating system has long won most people’s hearts and continues to do so with the help of many different practical applications. But, for most of them, the background usage of the android apps becomes a fuss. It overloads the gadget and uses excessive RAM, which for this reason quickly ends. And to solve this problem, you will need a task manager.

How to choose a Task Manager, and what to pay attention to? Let’s get started!

With the Task Manager applications, you can turn off and manage the processes and see how much each application consumes memory. Of course, Android already has a unique service that contains all applications, but unfortunately, its work leaves much to be desired.

With the help of a task manager, the user can improve the performance of their OS and control the passive memory occupied. This issue becomes very important for users with weak gadgets that have a small amount of memory.

Let’s look at the Top 8 Task Manager For Android:

Clean Master by Cheetah Mobile

This application has helpful functionality, as well as a task manager and antivirus.

When you start this program, you can see the following features:

  • “Trash” is a feature that searches for repetitive documents, images, etc., and this option also deals with checking, cleaning cache;
  • Acceleration helps with the analysis of ram processes, and if it finds extras, turns them off;
  • “Antivirus” – searches for dangerous software, for example, those that require money and spyware;
  • “Energy savings” – when there is a need, the program puts the gadget into energy-saving mode, while Bluetooth will be jammed, and Wi-Fi is wholly disconnected.

There’s also a data protection feature for users and the ability to set a password.


  • The presence of advertising, which is not always pleasing;
  • Looking behind the “blind,” you can learn about the state of the smartphone;
  • Backup function;
  • Works with any version of the OS


One of the simple programs that take up very little space and is not required for different permissions. Suitable for a novice user who is not very strong in such applications. Information can be obtained from RAM. So when you use everything is simple, it is clear, you can download it in The Play Market. The primary and only function of this application is cleaning up RAM.

There is a unique scale on which you can easily monitor RAM. Green is marked with the volume used; gray is free. At the top of the page are the percentage of RAM and the figures in megabytes.

You can tick the apps you want, but you won’t see the system resources. You can then click “Complete Selected” so you can remove unnecessary from RAM.

Of course, someone will say that this application has few features, but there is a necessary minimum. This means that even with its work, the load will be minimal.

Task Manager by Rhythm Software

There are a few more options here than in the previous version. An experienced user can perform the cleaning process at any time, remove everything unnecessary from RAM, and even prohibit programs from running independently. A separate widget helps you quickly remove everything you don’t need to, and you don’t have to log in to the app itself.

There are a few points:

  • “Close,” the green button means unloading all selected programs;
  • “Chosen in ignoring” – to clean the OS from the noted programs;
  • “Selected in Auto-Killer” – these programs are included in the list of auto-completion, and this process can be adjusted. This feature is used when you need to “kill” a program that doesn’t want to be removed.

In the Settings View menu, you can view system tasks and highlight them in color.

With the help of an “auto-killer,” you can carry out various additional settings (send in ignoring, set notifications, etc.). Then, all the settings you need will work off.

Smart Task Manager (Flashlight 2020)

The program copes with its tasks quickly. The main screen immediately displays all the apps, even those that are system-based. But there is no choice, so you can not worry about accidentally remove the necessary file for the entire system.

At the bottom of the page is a status bar that displays data about all running applications. The memory used is also shown. On the left, there is access not only to the menu but also to the management of all programs on the phone and the state of internal and external storage on the phone. You can remove the entire package of utilities if you wish. But it will take time because the process will work gradually and remove everything in order.

You can throw the apps themselves into the backup, but the data that are in them, will not get there.

The program copes with its tasks and memory cleansing. It is good that there are many different settings and the option of unnecessary uninstallation.

Advanced Task Killer by ReChiled

This utility is top-rated not only because of its exciting name but also because of the convenient interface in which everything is clear and straightforward. All it takes to remove the unnecessary is to mark it, and the rest of the program will do for you. Users found only one negative – there is no way to complete all programs at once with one button.

Clean Fast by Minisoft Technologies

An excellent task manager who has the function of energy-saving, cooling, even antivirus. This utility should be put if the phone is constantly overheating. In addition, you can always check your phone for viruses, and everything you don’t need will be automatically removed.

ES Task Manager (from ES Global)

An excellent utility that features light colors. Additional features include the completion of background processes, cache cleaning, battery consumption, and battery consumption. As a bonus, you can check the screen for broken pixels, change the volume settings.

Advanced Task Manager from INFOLIFE LLC

A convenient and easy-to-work interface. By default, all the apps on the list are selected, and before the process begins, you need to remove the extra ones. The Boost button will remove all marked programs from RAM. The “Auto Kill” option is a separate unit that doesn’t need to be disenfranchised, but you should understand that it won’t work fully.

This selection of the best dispatchers will help users improve the performance of their smartphone on Android. There are utilities with minimal capabilities, and there are with more advanced functionality. And what kind of task manager is on your device?

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