Top 7 Apps For Recording Phone Conversations On Android

Modern phones in the process of evolution have acquired additional functionality. They now offer many features, in addition to their primary function, performing several other useful tasks and making life easier for the user. One of these options is to record voice calls. Its use will be helpful in different areas of activity and some situations of a domestic nature. For example, you need to save the information or protect yourself from the actions of fraudsters. This is possible in some branded smartphone shells, such as Xiaomi or Huawei devices. At the same time, from the Google Play store to download the application that automatically records incoming calls, including in messengers, you can on any smartphone running based on Android.

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Before you use software to record conversations automatically, you need to make sure that recording voice calls will be legal in your area. In some countries, it is impossible to keep a recording of the conversation without warning the interlocutor. It is possible to write down in others, but it is no longer possible to make public, even applying for protection in court. You can record for personal listening, provided that it is not someone else’s conversation, and you participate in it. It is illegal to post audio recordings on the public access network without the consent of the participants of the conversation. Thus, by itself, the recording of the call on your phone will not violate the law. Still, the subsequent manipulation of this record can be a violation of the constitutional rights of the interlocutor.

As a result of Google’s policy change from March 2019, starting with Android 9.0 Pie, there is no way to record conversations, and access to the call log for recording apps is closed, so you’ll need to open root rights on your device or use an earlier version of the OS to use the feature. The problem with recording calls can also occur on some devices. For example, this is often faced by Samsung phone users. Mainly the issue is solved by replacing the region with re-stitching.

We’ve put together the best voice-calling programs for you to date. They have common characteristics but differ in functionality. Which program to give preference to, you can solve based on their requirements for software and test the options you like, while avoiding a software conflict should not put several applications at once. Be careful. The names of the apps are very similar.

Another Call Recorder

Free and quite popular Android application deservedly got into the top, where the best software is collected to record conversations on the phone.

The program allows you to keep the conversation on the incoming and outgoing calls. Works with a large number of smartphones running Android.

There is a convenient automatic recording feature. When a call arrives or an outgoing call is made, the program starts the recording process on its own.

It’s also worth noting the convenient function of recording conversations only from certain phone numbers, which you need to add to the desired list.

It was not without the standard manual recording mode. The user can put the password to the audition.

Among the supported audio file formats, it is worth highlighting:

  • MP4;
  • FLAC;
  • WAV;
  • 3GP;
  • OGG;
  • M4A.

The tool’s functionality allows you to group each call by date, making it easier to find a specific record.

The extended version has support for synchronization with Google Drive and Dropbox cloud storage. 

Call Recorder

The program with a fairly simple and uncomplicated name. 

Also deservedly gets in the ranking. It automatically records outgoing and incoming calls. If necessary, quickly stops recording or activates this feature.

You can auto-run old files that are in memory for more than a certain number of days. But if any of these files are noted, they will not be deleted.

There is immediately a built-in play. So you can listen to the conversation right away.

The application is really decent. However, some complain that the recording is quiet. You need to adjust the standard settings. It’s just that the program interacts with different mobile devices in slightly different ways.

If you take the paid version, it will allow you to synchronize the recorded files with cloud storage services.

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Until recently, the program was distributed in a paid and free version. But then the paid program was turned off and added all its functionality to the version with gratuitous access. Although then the situation changed.

Apparently, it was a marketing move. The developer attracted attention to his product, interested users, gave advanced features, and then selected them to pay users for the full version already familiar. This did not affect the ratings negatively. The tool has very high ratings in the market. 

There is a unique feature that allows you to record a call quickly. It is enough to shake the phone. The option works when the recording is activated manually. You don’t need to press anything extra.

Also, the developers have provided the presence of a built-in filter. Using it, the program will record only those conversations that come from selected subscribers and phone numbers.

There is also an interesting function of hiding the program icon from the desktop. This allows you to hide using the app if the phone suddenly sees the wrong people.

A password protects the history of conversations. No outsider will open the list of records and listen to them will not be able.

Truecaller: Number determiner and call recording

This software is widely known as a tool for identifying unknown numbers and blocking spammers, but the app can also record phone conversations on Android devices. The feature is available in the paid version of the program, but you can evaluate this feature for free during the trial period of 14 days. Truecaller, a truecaller app that successfully combines opportunities for safe and effective communication offers the following:

  • Intelligent messaging, the ability to communicate with other subscribers for free, flash messages.
  • Identify unknown numbers, recognize text messages.
  • Show the faces of unknown numbers in the call list.
  • Blocking spam, sales agents automatically.
  • Save contacts, call history, settings on Google Drive.
  • Record phone calls when you subscribe to Premium.
  • Show the usernames of users who have visited the account.
  • Private browsing profiles and other features.

Recording calls – Automatic Call Recorder

Another good tool for the same purpose, easy to use and qualitatively recording two-way conversations on Android devices. The app allows you to write conversations for free and use several other options.

The program’s functionality includes:

  • Record incoming and outgoing calls automatically.
  • Record the whole conversation or parts of it manually.
  • Support for different audio formats (AMR, WAV, AAC, MP3).
  • Good dialogue recording as HD.
  • Number ID (recognition, including those missing from the phone book, alert to scammers, search for unfamiliar numbers).
  • Record delay function.
  • Convenient navigation on records.
  • Adding to favorites.
  • Record management (the ability to share via messengers, delete, rename, etc.).
  • Record alert option.
  • The ability to store audio files in cloud storage.
  • Private mode for records, password recovery.

Call recording – Cube ACR

If you need great software to record calls and conversations in VoIP apps on Android, then Cube Call Recorder is exactly what you were looking for. It will be easy to record conversations of the best quality program with the program and get this opportunity for free. New options become available with a Premium subscription, but the basic version will be sufficient to complete the main task.

Software features:

  • Automatic recording of all conversations or only with selected subscribers.
  • Set up a list of exceptions (conversations with subscribers from the list will not be recorded).
  • Support for Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype 7, Skype Lite, IMO, and other popular voice-connected programs.
  • Recording a call or fragments of it by hand at the touch of a button.
  • Having a built-in file manager that lets you control audio recordings right in the app.
  • Smart change of speakers (if you bring the smartphone to the ear, playback switch from the loudspeaker to the auditory speaker).
  • Add calls to favorites for quick access.

With the premium version, options are also available:

  • Install a PIN to preserve privacy.
  • The cloud service backup feature.
  • Keeping on the memory card.
  • Support different audio formats, including MP4, with the ability to change the quality of the recording.
  • Smart storage management (removing old records that aren’t stored in favorites, short calls aren’t recorded).
  • Manipulation of the recording after the call.

Record My Call

It’s a great free program. Many users consider this to be the most functional tool among all those analogs that allow you to record phone conversations automatically. Among the software for the Android platform is a worthy candidate to get to the top 10. But because there is no application binding to a specific location within this ranking, the program was roughly in the middle of the list.

The settings offer additional features. Here you can choose between two recording modes. It’s mono and stereo. The necessary sampling frequency, bitrate, and other parameters are also selected.

The user can turn on the mode of limiting the recording of incoming calls from acquaintances and acquaintances. There is support for several audio formats at once. Among them:

  • 3GP;
  • MP3;
  • WAV;
  • AMR;
  • MP4.

The software performs many tasks automatically. The tool independently sorts calls into different folders. This makes it much easier to find the right records. It’s enough to open the story, and everything will become clear.

When the record ends, the file can be sent to cloud storage. And the app works with Dropbox and Google Drive in equal measure.

If you want to save your phone’s internal memory, your store’s files are redirected to the memory card.

Privacy protection is also provided. To prevent anyone from listening to the recordings, passwords are installed on them.

Conclusion: Apps For Recording Phone Conversations On Android

Which app is best to install on the smartphone decides the user. Not each of them can fit a specific device, OS version, or match the requirements of the owner of the device. Among the above programs, you can choose a suitable option. In addition, each of them is available for free use or testing. At the same time, we do not forget that installing several applications at once is not recommended. So, if you are not satisfied with the work of one of the applications, it should be reinstalled, and then already put a new one. This will help to avoid the incorrect functioning of the software. Problems with recording calls through apps can also occur if you didn’t have access to the microphone or speaker on the first start, making sure you have permissions. It often helps to reinstall, despite the simplicity of implementation, this method is quite effective.

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