Secret Chats on Telegram: Everything you should know

Many unique features drive the popularity of the Telegram app. When creating a messenger, a lot of attention is given to security. Telegram uses the MTProto cryptographic protocol, which is the app’s development, responsible for data security and the secrecy of messages.

When you use a secret chat, the messages are not stored on the server.

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The advantageous difference between Telegram and other messengers is the ability to create secret chats. Using this tool, you can communicate with anyone without the fear of losing or leaking out your data. Information encryption algorithms ensure that your secrets are not recognized from Telegram communication.

What are secret chat rooms?

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The process of encrypting the usual exchange of data between users of the application sends it from a computer or other device to a server in an encrypted form. Then the information is converted to the same format, becoming available to one or more recipients.

IMPORTANT. If attackers try to hack into a server to find out what your messages are about, they won’t get anything but a set of symbols, and no one can recognize the cipher.

Encryption of data in a secret chat takes place in enhanced mode and is slightly different from the usual:

  • Messages are stored exclusively on the participants’ devices, not on the server, which is different from regular chats. This makes the discussion as secure as possible;
  • The information sent can be deleted on a set timer. It is possible to set up self-destruction of messages from two seconds to seven days;
  • If one of the interlocutors takes a screenshot of the chat, the other participants of the secret chat will be notified of the action;
  • Data disappears when you remove the account;
  • The ability to start an unlimited number of conversations
  • The secret chat feature is not available for the computer version.

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How to create private conversations?

Consider how to take advantage of the opportunity to get the most secure discussion in “Telegram” by safely hiding your secrets from third parties, on the example for Android:

  • Open the app, go to the action menu.
  • Select the “New Secret Chat” option
  • Further, select one or more of the conversation participants from the open contact list; 
  • When users are online, you can start chatting.

The data is stored in the memory of each participant’s phone, which means that it is impossible to open a conversation started on another device. All messages will be deleted when you leave your profile. Similarly, a discussion is created on an iPhone.

ATTENTION. The feature is only available to owners of the phone version of the app. Probably, the developers will soon add this option and for use on the computer because creating a secret chat in “Telegram” on the PC today is impossible.

How to use a secret chat in Telegram?

The private discussion is green and marked with a lock icon to make it different. If you don’t want to connect to the conversation, the user can cancel their participation by pressing the appropriate settings button or leave the conversation after it starts. Then the “Secret Chat Cancelled” notification will be highlighted.

How to set up a self-destruction timer message?

Suppose you’ve started a private conversation but want to further protect your data from someone else’s interference with the self-destruct option. In that case, you can do so by going to the settings and selecting “Set a self-destruct timer.” Next, specify the time and confirm the action.

The self-destruct feature used allows you to enhance data protection further. It will only start to act after activation without extending to previous messages. The timer is turned on after the interlocutor has read the information. At the end of the countdown to the time it is set, the message will be permanently removed from all participants’ devices. If you remove your finger from the picture, the timer for deleting, which is exposed for less than one minute, immediately disappears.

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How to delete a conversation you’ve created

Settings assume that you can delete unnecessary messages. When you call the conversation menu, click on the “Delete Chat” button.

Regular chats in “Telegram” are also well protected from other people’s eyes. Still, it does not have end-to-end encryption and timer self-destruction of messages, so if you need to be sure that no one will ever know about your secrets,- use the option of secret communication.

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