How To Play Youtube Videos In The Background On Android

The world’s most popular Video Hosting, YouTube provides users with video storage and viewing services, as well as the ability to share, evaluate, comment, and add videos to favorites. Despite the comprehensive functionality, there are limitations to the accessible version of the official YouTube app. For example, there are no plans to listen to content in the background. This option is implemented only in premium subscription conditions, which will suit not every user. Besides, the YouTube Premium subscription in many regions is not available. Features are very lacking when it is inconvenient for the user to watch a video on an Android device. It is the audio series, not the picture, that matters in the information being submitted. Thus, if the goal is to listen to music, broadcasts, or other content perceived by the ear, and at the same time there is an intention to use the mobile device for different tasks, you have to look for other ways to implement this feature because the usual folding of the application (pressing the “Home” button) leads to a stop of playback. Fortunately, there is a way to solve the problem, and not even one.

How Android solved the problem of lack of background mode for YouTube videos?

You don’t go to improve the functionality of the device and achieve what you want. Developers of individual Android shells expand the capabilities at the core level of the operating system revealing to the world a smartphone with two independently functioning screens. This feature allows you to work seamlessly with the device on the home screen while the electronic ink continues to play content. To date, ways to listen to content from YouTube in the background mass of them imply root-rights on the Android device. One solution is to install fashion. For example, YouTube Vanced (there are versions for smartphones with and without route access) provides background playback, allows you to get rid of advertising, and opens up many other features. The software works without being tied to Google Apps and can be placed next to the YouTube app. Let’s look at a few of the tools used to activate the background mode on Android devices, which can be quickly done with the task.

Official YouTube Red Solution

If there is a need for background and you do not want to bother with installing third-party software, you can use the officially proposed solution to the problem. With a paid YouTube Premium subscription (formerly YouTube Red), you’ll watch videos without ads, as well as play videos in the background or offline. After the rebranding of YouTube Premium, the geography of the service has significantly expanded in the list of countries where the feature is available. Background playback is active by default. If you want, the option can be controlled (disable, change settings, turn on). You can find the background and offline mode in the settings (the gear icon) here. In the appropriate section, you can also show under what conditions the mode will be activated.

Firefox and Chrome

Free and without the need to install modified customers to play content in the background can be thanks to the browser’s capabilities. In the mobile version of Firefox for Android, the problem is solved by extending Video Background Play Fix, which cancels the youTube background ban. So, when you switch to another browser tab, fold it and work with other applications, and lock the screen of the smartphone, the device will continue to play. Google Chrome’s regular Android device browser will also solve the problem, which will require some steps that will be played in the background, after which YouTube videos will be played in the background. At the same time, you will be able to work with other browser tabs or other apps on your smartphone. The smartphone can even be used as a player, as the video will also be played when the screen is turned off. How to make YouTube content play in the background with Chrome:
  • Open YouTube in the Google Chrome browser.
  • By default, the mobile version of the service will open. We also need to choose the full, for which we press three points in the top right corner and choose from the menu this option.
  • You can now roll up your browser by clicking home or menu, after which YouTube video stops playing. To resume it, press the play button in the notification curtain. After that, you can work with different apps on your Android device, and the content will continue to play.
  • If you go back to Google Chrome and then roll it up or switch to another tab, youTube videos will stop playing again, so you’ll have to repeat the manipulation to play in the background.
You can do the same trick in other chromium-based browsers.


A handy alternative to the standard YouTube app for Android devices, with the help of a customer, you can turn on the video in the background. The software allows you to view video content from YouTube hosting, comment, add to favorites, download videos with the ability to select download speeds, including several files at the same time. You can also listen and download only the audio track and roll up TubeMate and work with other applications. So, if you open a YouTube video or start downloading, the content will continue to play or swing in the background.

OG YouTube

Another product for Android (versions of software for devices with and without ruth rights) is a clone of the official YouTube application with advanced functionality. It allows viewing content in the background. With OG YouTube software, you can download multiple videos simultaneously, audio track, subtitles, playback when the screen is off, and more. The file-to-play option for a rolled-up app works starting with v8.10.


You can also listen to music from the YouTube background using FireTube. It’s one of the best apps on Android, with the ability to play content when the screen is turned off, so you can use your smartphone as a player and save battery life. I realized here functionality is just a godsend for music fans. The music player supports playlists, searches for music, similar tracks, alternatives, available switching between video and audio modes, choice of play quality, etc.

Awesome Pop-up Video

An app that lets you run any YouTube video in the background without root rights. The video will play in a small pop-up with buttons deployed, closed, or checked the playlist. When you first start the installed app, you’ll need to turn on Awesome Pop-up Video on top of other programs. Search options are available, video is added to the queue for background playback, video downloads, and more. At the same time, play content with the screen of the app does not involve the possibility.


A convenient and straightforward Music player from YouTube, allowing you to play content in the background. With the app, you can open any video from the hosting in a small window that is easy to place in any part of the screen or sent to the background to perform various tasks while playing content. You can choose to stretch the window to the edges of the device’s screen or manually change its size in the settings. The app unfolds at the touch. Many of the above apps are not in Google Play. They can be found on the official websites of products or other resources. Download software only from reliable sources to avoid unpleasant consequences for the system and leak personal data from the device.  

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