How To Overlay Music On Video On An Android Device

Cameras of modern smartphones allow you to shoot high-quality videos that can be processed directly on a mobile device and put on the Internet. Video editing will require special software installed from the official app store or network resources, as the standard functionality of the device does not provide such a possibility.

With third-party programs for Android, you can mount, edit video, add effects, transitions, text, audio, and more. Almost always, the footage requires processing. For example, it is often necessary to trim part of the video, remove foreign noises or altogether remove the audio track, and create a unique atmosphere with musical accompaniment. And to perform all these operations, you do not need to have special skills. With the help of simple and convenient tools for Android to cope with the task, it will not be even the most advanced user.

Android Apps that can be used to Overlay Music on Video

Consider which programs you can use to process video content on your phone and remove sound and superimpose background music on a video.

Video and Photo Editor InShot

Excellent program with an easy interface, suitable for creating videos for TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other services. With InShot, you can superimpose sound, crop the video, combine, rotate, blur the background, add effects, supplement the text, stickers, etc. The professional editor supports most formats of video files and allows you to process the video qualitatively before publication. You can add music recommended by InShot or your own in MP3 or other formats. You can adjust the volume, fade, speed up the video content, overlay the sound or combine it with the audio, and support music extraction.

Here is a video tutorial that might help- How to Add Music on Inshot Editing App! – YouTube

VivaVideo: video editor with music, slideshow

One of the best free programs with photos, music, effects, and all the necessary professional editing and video editing tools. The editor allows you to create high-quality videos with transitions, the application of effects and texts, themes for processing content, slideshows with photos and music, and more. You can superimpose sound on the video series in the program, adjust the volume, and add voiceover and sound effects.

VideoShow video editor

A functional video editor with extensive video editing and editing capabilities. The program allows you to use more than 50 themes to create a video, effects, filters, music tracks, text, stickers, and other advanced features. In VideoShow, you can add music, sound effects, voice, a doodle, zoom in or out, compress a file, crop, cut unnecessary parts, save the soundtrack from the footage to the MP3 file.

Video Editor Movavi Clips

A great app to create professional-quality content for free and without intrusive advertising. With Movavi Clips for mobile devices, you can easily glue, trim, rotate, add transitions, music, text, stickers on photos and videos. The program includes time-lapse installation and all the necessary processing tools. Movavi Clips allows you to create interesting atmospheric videos, slideshows with an overlay of music, voiceover, the addition of your logo, use of filters, effects, and other features.

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How to remove the sound?

Often, users are faced with the need to cut a soundtrack from the footage because the sounds accompanying the recording at the time of the shooting will not go anywhere even when the music composition is superimposed. You can remove the sound from the video directly on the phone with the help of mobile apps, some of which we have covered above. Let’s figure out how to remove the sound from the video on Android on the example of popular video editors.

With InShot

Turning off the sound in the video file using the Inshot app for Android is very simple. Here are some things you can do to solve the problem:

  • Start the program
  • Go to the “Video” section in the “Create a new” block (when we first start, allow the app to access files on the device);
  • Select the right file that we work with, click on the green tick at the bottom;
  • The video will be uploaded to the program window, and the tools below will be available to work with the material. The dashboard will show the video track – press on it, and then there will be a panel with some actions;
  • Using a slider to reduce the volume to a minimum. Next to it, press three points – “Apply to everything.” Ready.

With Movavi Clips

You can also make a video without sound on your phone through the video editor Movai. The actions will be similar to those we did in InShot:

  • Start the app
  • Click the plus button at the bottom of the screen (allow access to files on your smartphone if the software is running for the first time);
  • Click on the “Video” button with the video camera sign at the bottom of the screen;
  • Choose a file, click on the “Start editing” button.
  • We specify the ratio of the sides to the video.
  • The object will be added to the program area, and underneath it will be a toolbar – we press the Audio button to change the sound settings;
  • Choose the “Music and Sound Settings” button here with the image of the gear.
  • Move the volume slider to a minimum. Again press the settings button to return to the material being processed.

Similarly, you can remove audio from the video with other programs that work with video files and offer this feature. An alternative option to remove unnecessary sounds from the video on Android involves special online services. The principle of their work is simple:

You download the file.

  • The service processes it.
  • You download the file to the device without sound.

In addition, the ability to work with sound is present in some converters.

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How to insert music into a video on Android?

Using the apps, you’re using on your phone. You can add a music track to the footage. Adding the right song will give the content the right attitude, so using this method makes sense in most cases. In addition, it is easy to do on an android device. Let’s take a look at how you can superimpose music on your phone on some popular apps.

With InShot

Here’s how to put the sound on the video series with InShot:

  • Open the app, go to the “Video” section, and press the green “New” button with a plus image to select a new video file (or under it choose one of the previously created projects, if you want to go back to processing any video);
  • Choose the correct video file (or more) and press the bottom on the green tick;
  • On the toolbar, click on the Music button right under the video.
  • In the next window, you can add songs by clicking on the appropriate button, sound effects, or recording from the microphone (you’ll need to give the app access to the device’s microphone);
  • for example, add a song, choose the desired version of the recommended songs, or go to the My Music tab and select the track from the available on the smartphone (you can pre-listen), click next to the chosen audio recording “Use”;
  • With the tools available, you can move the audio to the right area, then click on the tick button (highlighting the audio track, you can also trim the song if it is longer than the video recording);
  • When you return to the editing window of the video, you can adjust the volume;
  • When you’re finished, save the file by clicking Save at the top of the screen.

With Movavi Clips

It’s easy to put the sound on video content with this app:

  • Start the software and press the plus button at the bottom of the screen;
  • Choose “Video” with a video camera sign, mark the correct file;
  • Add a video to the workspace of the program at the touch of the “Start Editing” button;
  • We specify the ratio of the sides for the video;
  • On the toolbar, we press the Audio button.
  • At the bottom of the screen, press the button as a “z” icon, and in the open window, choose an audio recording from the library or go to the My Music tab to add a track from the device;
  • Choose an item, click “Choose”;
  • Adjust the duration of the sound as needed. You can also add multiple audio tracks to one video;
  • At the end of the editing and installation process, we save the result. To do this, we press the floppy disk icon in the top right corner. In the new window, we keep the file at the touch of a button at the bottom of the screen.

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Conclusion: How To Overlay Music On Video On An Android Device

Similar actions will allow you to insert music into the video and use VivaVideo, VideoShow, or other applications. Although slightly different, the interface of the programs but the principle of working with them remains the same.

Software in Google Play for Android devices is quite a lot. Here you can find programs of any specificity, including video editors. Most of the popular category apps offer a wide range of editing and installation tools. If you know other good programs to add audio to the video on Android, share your opinion in the comments.

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