How to Change MAC Address of a Smartphone?

Media Access Control in most cases referred as MAC address with is a bodily distinctive identification quantity this is assigned to each and every community adapter or wifi instrument. It is a 12 persona identification quantity used to spot your instrument over the web both it is a smartphone or some other instrument. Each instrument have a special mac deal with as it is a number one trail option to verbal exchange. Mac spoofing is the solution to trade your mac address with some other to get their messages. You ever thought to change mac address of a smartphone? If yes, right here I will be able to display to spoof mac deal with in android smartphones. Learn how to change mac address of a smartphone.

Tips on how to trade mac deal with on smartphones?

Here is the whole step-by-step instructional to spoof mac deal with in android telephones.


  1. Android telephone (It should be rooted)
  2. Terminal (It’s available on play store)
  3. BusyBox (Install it from play store)


  1. Initially, note down your smartphone’s mac address. To find out, go to Settings > About > Standing >Wifi Mac deal with.
  2. Now open up the downloaded app Terminal. Type su and hit Enter. Command will execute and cursor will transfer to the next line.
  3. After that type busybox iplink show eth0 and hit Enter. If it shows some sort of error, change eth0 with wlan0.
  4. Type busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX and hit Enter. Don’t forget to exchange XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX with the mac address you want to. This will change your mac address to the mac address that you just entered.
  5. To verify whether it is modified or not, type busybox iplink show eth0 and hit Enter. It is going to display you the brand new mac deal with.
Congratx..! you simply changed your mac address. Hope it will work for you. If you face any problem, feel free to query below in the comments section.


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