What Are Instant Apps And How To Use The Built-In Android Feature

The development of technology has dramatically expanded the capabilities of smartphones. The development of Google with each Update Android pleases users with improvements and new options. Starting with Android 6.0, the system’s functionality can use Instant Apps. Google’s innovative solution in the form of a built-in tool makes working with Play Market much more comfortable, besides solves the problem of lack of memory on the device, which is sometimes a key point when working with applications on a smartphone.

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What Are Instant Apps?

Many have already heard about the release of Instant Apps and even know what it is. Google introduced the technology in 2016, and from the following year, products supporting the option began to appear in the app store. Users were able to appreciate the convenience of its use. Of course, not everyone knows what this program is and what it is valuable, so let’s take a closer look at what Instant Apps are.

The feature allows you to test an app from Google Play Store without installing it by downloading just a small file. The memory of the device is not limitless. Besides, not all programs can be moved to an SD card, so sometimes you even have to delete the installed application to download a new and not yet fact that it is essential. If you don’t like the product, it’s not always easy to remove. Many of them leave a bunch of tails behind, putting roots in the system, so to altogether remove the package and components going into the load often require special software. With Instant Apps, this problem has been solved. Now, to evaluate the software with all its capabilities, you do not need to download the application to the smartphone, occupying the device’s memory. After testing a program or game, the user will decide whether to install the full version of the product.

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How do Instant Apps work?

Instant Apps sounds like an instant start-up app. Thanks to the technology, you will save a lot of time and protect yourself from unnecessary actions to install and remove software if the product did not come to your liking. Not all applications support the option because installing Instant Apps into each specific software depends on its developers. So, if you keep the feature on the app page in the Google Play Store store, you’ll see the “Try” button next to the familiar “Install,” which means you can test the software before installing it. A small file with a demo version of the product is downloaded at the touch of this button, removed after the app closes.

The Pros and Cons of Technology

Not all Android functionality is to the liking of users. Like any software solution, Instant Apps also has both advantages and disadvantages, so for a clearer idea of the tool, let’s look at the positives and negatives of the new service from Google.


  • The small amount of memory required to download software from Instant Apps;
  • Introduce the option in the Play Market app store, making it easy to use the service;
  • High download speed;
  • The option is supported by a large number of devices running on Android;
  • Saving your device’s resources because the feature allows you to evaluate the app without downloading its full version;
  • The ability to share the software you like by sending a copied link to the user;
  • In addition to downloading demo versions of the software, there is the ability to browse the web versions of sites.


  • Older versions of Android do not support the feature;
  • At the moment, there are not many technology-enabled applications. The fact is that the developer has to implement the option in his product technically, and in practice, it is not very active;
  • Instant Apps is automatically introduced and updated, which is not liked by many users and is perceived as an imposition, although Google considers such actions on its part the norm.

How to use Instant Apps?

Instant Apps is standard for Android and is active by default, but if the device is supported and for some reason is not enabled, then it is simple:

  • In the settings of the device, we move to the Google section;

  • Select The Instant Start Apps item and pull the slider into an active position.

The feature is activated, and you now have the option to use it. Here’s what you need to do:

  • We go to the Play Market app store, find the software of interest;
  • On the app’s support page, we see two “Try” and “Install” buttons. To see the preview version of the program, click first;

  • When the trial file is downloaded, the system will notify you;
  • After reading the user agreement, we click “Continue”;
  • When the download is over, the demo version of the app will start immediately;
  • You’ll be able to evaluate some of the software features laid down by the developer in the trial, and if the product is to your liking, you can download it from Google Play by clicking on the appropriate button;
  • After downloading, the full version will be available for all the features of the program.

Few applications support the demo, but the popularity of Instant Apps is growing, and well-known developers are starting to introduce the feature into their products. Find out what software can be pre-evaluated with the option is simple – on its page, in addition to the download button, there is a button “Try.”

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How to delete or disable Instant Apps?

As mentioned above, Instant Apps is constantly updated, which on the one hand, is even good, but not always to the liking of users. Not everyone likes that the software doesn’t ask the device owner whether he needs an update or not. You won’t be able to ban automatic updates, just like you can delete the service, but you can disable Instant Apps on your phone. The procedure will be reversed by activating the function:

  • Let’s move on to the settings of the device;
  • Choose Google;
  • In Instant Start Apps, we deactivate the function by tug-of-war.

If you want to get rid of Instant Apps completely, as with other standard Google services, you’ll need root rights to do so. Only when you open the route is you can remove any system components at your discretion.


If you want to use the option but don’t know where to find instant Apps software, check out the Google Play store. A new unique “Instant Start” section has already appeared here, which contains this feature. Users of Android Marshmallow devices and more recent versions will be able to evaluate the software without downloading it to the device’s memory. By the way, the tool is handy in case of doubts about the purchase of paid software because the demo will allow you to understand whether it is worth spending on the application. So, you can save not only time and resources of the device but also your own money.

The benefits of using technology far outweigh the disadvantages. More developers are introducing the tool into their products, so the list of software in the quick start-up section of the app store will soon increase significantly.

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