Installing And Customizing Samsung Health On Android & iOS

Samsung Health is a comprehensive health-tracking app. Samsung develops it in collaboration with the WellDoc Therapeutic Association. All the information the program receives from Samsung’s wearable devices and integrated sensors of the smartphone itself. You can install it on android phones (OS 5.0 and above) and iOS (OS 7 and above).

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Samsung Health – an overview of opportunities

Samsung Health (until 2016, the app was called S Health) was created as a program to work with fitness trackers and “smart” smartwatches from Samsung. But in the future, it introduced a whole range of functions to monitor the state of health and provide recommendations on compliance with the HOA. Now the program knows:

  1. Count the number of steps taken. The information is taken from a wearable Samsung gadget or a built-in gyroscope/accelerometer. GPS data is also used to keep the actions done, for example, while driving a car or bike.
  2. Tracking weight changes. The data is either entered by the user or taken from Bluetooth-enabled or Wi-Fi scales.
  3. Tracking sleep patterns. The program also provides physical activity statistics. If you have a fitness tracker or smartwatch, it adds a “smart” alarm clock function (turned on when the user is in the stage of shallow sleep).
  4. Calculating the number of kilocalories consumed and burned. Data from a personally composed menu is taken for analysis.
  5. Controlling blood sugar levels. The data also needs to be entered on its own or use a compatible wearable gadget.
  6. Control of blood pressure changes. It works only when you connect a smartwatch that supports the measurement of blood pressure. Indicators can be entered independently (measuring the pressure by a tonometer).

All the information tracked is provided in the form of graphs, diagrams. If you register and activate a Samsung account, you can view and compare your friends’ stats.

Installing And Customizing Samsung Health On Android & iOS Smartphones

Talking about Samsung Health, what is needed and what kind of program it is, it is necessary to mention its main advantage over similar applications (for example, Xiaomi Fit): it makes the user free of charge optimal training schedules taking into account personal physical performance. Those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle allow you to get the maximum effect from training. It’s a kind of personal virtual trainer.

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How to turn on and set up Samsung Health on your phone

Download the Samsung Health app for free from Google Play (for Android 5.0 and above devices) or the App Store (iOS7 or above). It will work without the connection of a fitness tracker or “smart” watch. Their connection will allow additional functions (for example, measuring blood sugar and blood pressure). Their basic set (steps counting, sleep tracking, kilocalories) is available for any modern phone. Minimum technical requirements:

  • RAM: 1 gigabyte or more;
  • Presence of an accelerometer/gyroscope and GPS (when using A-GPS, when the location of cell towers calculates geolocation, steps are calculated with significant error).

When you start the first time, it’s a good idea to set it up first, namely:

  • Create and activate a Samsung account (these apps will sync with the “cloud”);
  • Connect existing wearable gadgets from Samsung (Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Watch, Samsung Gear of any generation);
  • Specify weight, age, personal menu.

Installing And Customizing Samsung Health On Android & iOS Smartphones

Before you turn on Samsung Health, you should pair the wearable gadget in the built-in menu of Bluetooth settings of the smartphone itself.

If a person intends to use the app actively, you should further disable the restrictions on the program in the background (on Android phones). To do this, you need:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to “Programs, choose “All Apps“;
  • choose Samsung Health, in the “Energy Savings” section, choose “Do Not Use” (or “Don’t Limit”).

But at the same time, the program will actively use the battery. You can also read: Top 8 Task Manager For Android

How to turn off Samsung Health

To get out of Samsung Health and delete your account data, you’ll need:

  • Go to Settings (click on the gear icon in the side menu);
  • Choose “Removal of Personal Data“;
  • Confirm the deletion of the account (you need to enter your profile password).

If a user doesn’t want to delete an account and needs to know how to disable Samsung Health temporarily, you’ll need to go to the settings of your smartphone, select “Apps,” then “All Programs,” choose Samsung Health, and click on Stop. To restart the app, it’s enough to re-run it from the App Menu.

How to sync Samsung Health with other devices

Samsung Health keeps you in sync with the following devices:

  • Galaxy Fit;
  • Galaxy Watch;
  • Samsung Gear;
  • Samsung Gear IconX.

To add the device, you pre-pair the gadget with your smartphone through the Bluetooth settings menu. Next, in the running app, Samsung Health needs to open the side menu, go to the tab “Accessories,” and choose those from which the program will receive data.

The default program is not compatible with the rest of the fitness trackers, heart rate meters, and smartwatches. But it is still possible to circumvent this restriction.

IMPORTANT. Samsung Health can still be customized to work with fitness trackers from other manufacturers. To do this, you’ll need to install Google Fit, sync the data of the wearable gadget with this program, and then in Samsung Health (in the menu “Settings” – “Additional Services“) set up the receipt of information with Google Fit. All this will work only if you have an active smartphone connection to the Internet. Google Fit is compatible with all popular wearable gadgets from Huawei, Xiaomi, Amazon, Honor, Lemfo, Apple.

Why Samsung Health doesn’t calculate steps or feels wrong

If Samsung Health has stopped counting steps, the most common reasons for this are:

  1. The program is limited in the background. So, such parameters are set in the smartphone’s power supply settings, or Android shuts down the application due to the lack of free RAM.
  2. The fitness tracker or smartwatch was turned off (or it was disconnected due to battery discharge). You can check their pairing, as well as the charge level in Bluetooth settings or from the Accessories menu in Samsung Health itself.
  3. The program was not given access to GPS data and geolocation tracking. You can check this in Samsung Health permission settings.

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If Samsung Health does not count the steps at all or gives the wrong pedometer indicator (for example, indicates that a person has passed more than 50,000 steps in a day), then this arises for the following reasons:

  1. The wearable gadget is not calibrated (as it is performed, specified in the instructions to the watch or tracker).
  2. High error when receiving data from the accelerometer/gyroscope of the smartphone. These “sin” phones from budget categories, for example, Oppo, Realme.
  3. The smartphone includes A-GPS location (location by mobile network, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi) and to adjusts the data. It would be best if you switched geolocation to All Sources mode. With A-GPS, the error in the definition of coordinates can be up to 200 meters, explaining why the program can add 1000-2000 “extra” steps.

And connecting several wearable devices to Samsung Health at the same time won’t help improve the accuracy of measurements. On the contrary: the battery discharge of the smartphone will increase, but the information the application will receive only from one fitness tracker or watch. Suppose one accessory is connected to Samsung Health, the other – through Google Fit. In that case, it will cause a conflict of synchronized data, which is not recommended (data is miscounted, increases the phone’s battery consumption).

So Samsung Health is one of the most functional programs for tracking physical activity. It is suitable for both beginners and professional athletes. It is recommended to use the app in conjunction with wearable gadgets from Samsung.

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