Google Duo: What It Is For? Some Features and Benefits

Messengers have firmly entered our lives and almost replaced telephone communication. Popularizing applications for communication through calls, correspondence, and file transfers are associated with their many and obvious benefits. Messengers are gradually displacing from the market of cellular operators, which sometimes reach incredible scales, especially when it comes to the intercity. And it’s no surprise because, unlike the latter, unique apps give users the ability to make free audio and video calls around the world, as well as messaging and files of any existing formats. You can see all our social apps here- Social – Efreeware

The alternative version of communication has become the most profitable and convenient, and all you need to be in touch with is an Internet connection and the presence of an installed application on the device. Among the various platforms that combine the purpose and need to connect to Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G Internet for data exchange, there are products from Google. Not so long ago, a new app called Duo was added to Android. Previous variations of Google mobile messengers (Talk and Hangouts) have not attracted users’ attention. At the same time, Google Duo is already a more exciting version of the software in this category. Among the many useful tools from Google, the application for making video calls took a worthy place in the arsenal of Android.

What Is The Google Duo App?

Not all users who find Duo software on their phones know what the program is. And some do not suspect that it is available. The Duo app is a free video chat for mobile devices created by Google and is easy to use. And the software can work not only on Android but also on iOS and in the browser. The software resembles Apple FaceTime, and Duo has its features. You don’t need high-speed Internet to work, and you can also get traffic slow due to The Optimization of WebRTC and Zuic.

  • WebRTC (real-time communications) is an open-source project used to organize streaming data transmission between browsers or other standard-supporting applications.
  • A new network protocol built on top of the UDP transport protocol, providing a smooth signal, including when packages are lost, which is carried out by aligning the boundaries of information blocks.

You can find Duo in a folder with Google software on much Android firmware, and you need a program to communicate with other users who also use this software. It is also possible to manually download and install it from the Google Play store. Thanks to a simple and straightforward interface, the product does not require any special skills to mastering. You can make video and audio calls, confident in the confidentiality of conversations (End-to-end encryption is used by default). The app provides:

  • High-quality communication.
  • A choice of tools and features.
  • Automatic switching between mobile Internet and Wi-Fi.

Features And Specifications

The Duo app is used for the same as other popular video messengers. The service’s functionality offers the following benefits:

  • Making video calls and audio calls.
  • Record and send videos and voice messages lasting up to 30 seconds.
  • Add text or picture to the video message.
  • Create a group chat (you can choose no more than seven contacts).
  • View, listen, and rewrite the statement you created.

  • Sending photos and videos (up to 180MB) from the device gallery.
  • Create and send personalized notes with the addition and editing of texts, drawings, and background changes.
  • Play the messages you receive, download them to the device or cloud storage (subject to activation of backup data).
  • Call encryption.
  • Having a blacklist where you can add users whose calls are undesirable.

The app’s main feature is the “Tuk-Tuk” feature, making you see the person you’re talking to before you answer the call. The image from the camera begins immediately when the call is sent. 

ATTENTION. The option is activated only if the caller is on the contact list of the caller. The missed call is notified, and you can call the user with one click.

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