Si vous recherchez une application de médias sociaux qui crée beaucoup de buzz sur l’App Store, Parlour, avec plus de 6 millions d’utilisateurs sur sa plate-forme, est probablement une application qui a croisé votre radar. Il continue de nous surprendre par son succès continu. Si, par coïncidence, vous cherchez « Parler » et non « Parlour », alors nous serons francs et dirons que vous pouvez arrêter de lire ici. Les deux applications sont commercialisées en tant qu’applications de « réseaux sociaux » et sont disponibles au téléchargement sur Android et iOS, ce qui peut (sera) être une source de confusion. Le scénario d’utilisation de l’application est simple, choisissez un sujet et en quelques secondes, vous serez connecté à un autre utilisateur qui a choisi le même sujet. Une fois que vous avez parlé avec l’autre personne, vous pouvez lui envoyer une demande et lui demander de devenir votre ami. Donc, en bref, Parlour est comme une application de pseudo-dating-chat, plutôt qu’un canal de communication.


Développeur Inc.
Android & iOS


How to download Parlor App?

The download and installation process of the app is relatably simple. Right now, the app is only available on Android Play Store and Apple App Store. To download this app, go to your phone-associated app store, and in the search bar type “Parlor”.

Click on the Download/Get button to download the app on your smartphone. The download process may take 2-5 minutes depending on your network speed.

How to install Parlor App?

Once you download the app, it will automatically install on your smartphone. Parlor is a lightweight app, meaning that the installation process will only take a few seconds. Soon after the installation process is completed, you can press the app icon from your home screen and use it.

How to Use Parlor App?

The usage scenario of the app is also simple. Once you launch the app, you will be redirected to the main home screen from which you can select from a variety of different topics. This includes:


  • #AMA – Ask Me Anything
  • Dating
  • Hello
  • In my 20’s
  • Over 30
  • Random
  • Trending
  • Celebrity
  • Music
  • Debate
  • Advice
  • Freestyle
  • Religion
  • Games
  • Fantasy


Once you select a topic, the app will then connect you to the person who has clicked the same topic at that time. After this, it all relies on your social communication skills. Remember, Parlor does not tolerate hate or vulgarity and will automatically ban you if a person reports your account.


Making friends on Parlor is more like a communication skill rather than a one-time gig. Once you’re connected to a person, the next step relies on your communication and how you interact with them.

Once you’ve successfully chatted with a person, you can send them a friend request which appears on the friend’s tab. You can make favorites here and message your friends which redirects you to the Messages tab.


This is the place where you’ll message your friends that have accepted your request. The messages interface is pretty much straightforward with limited functionalities. You can send text-based messages, photos, and even short videos to your friend.

You can also make phone calls to your friends, or send them credit gifts which they can use to unlock premium features. The video call feature is not available as of now.


The history tab features all the recent chats, direct calls, and gifts you’ve sent. In case, if you’re wondering about the gifts, these can be used to remove ads from the app. Parlor relies totally on Ad based payment and hence showcases plenty of display ads. You need estimated 3000 Points to enjoy a 1-year ads-free experience.


The menu tab features all your basic account settings such as your Profile, Link Social Account, Password, and support. One thing we really like about Parlor is that it tries to match you with your opposite gender. Of course, you can change this in the App menu settings, but every time we’ve tested it, we were matched with the opposite gender.

Parlor App Overview

Parlor is a free social media app available on iOS and Android App stores. The initial idea of the app was to connect people from different parts and engage them with each other based on their interests.

Because the app has an active community and more than 1 Million installs, you can easily find one matching your interest. Once you find your perfect match, you can ask them to be your friend and send them direct messages.

The developers of Parlor keep on marketing this as a social media app, but it’s obviously more like a dating app like Tinder. But unlike the tinder app, it’s filled with third-party ads and sometimes the matchmaking process just takes a lot of time.

Also, from time to time, the person you’re connected with based on the topic feels like a bot rather than a real person. This is especially true if you’re using this app outside the US because most of the active users of Parlor are based in the US.

Final Verdict

Parlor is definitely a good app if you have plenty of free time or if you’re looking for a real person to talk with you. Unlike the rest of the dating apps, Parlor has an active community with thousands of members using the app every day.

There can be some cases when you will be connected to a bot, but that’s completely understandable as the more people choose the same topic you’ve picked, the better the match-making process. We’ve found out that the most real-person connections are in the trending and Ask me anything topic, so if you’re looking for casual chats, hit that area.

Apart from this, the rest of the app interface is simple and there’s not much going on under the hood. If you can bear with the free ads, Parlor is a fun app to try.

Let us know which feature you like the most in the comment section.

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