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Download MX Player Pro APK Free – a most popular and powerful video player for android devices with an extensive range of features.

MX Player have two versions, one is a free version and the other one is paid version which is named as MX Player Pro. No doubt, MX Player is one of the best and popular media player in android market. But it has an annoying part of the free version is it contains ads that appear up time to time which is quite distracting and irritating. But with the power of MX Player Pro version, you get complete control over the player and make your own preferences and even it’s completely advertisements free. So, there’s no distractions in it.

download mx player pro apk free

MX Player Pro APK is the pro version of MX Player App. It’s super charged with all the powers of MX player and with many extra perks. It’s available in the Playstore for a price of $6 but you do not need to worry about it because I am just giving it free of cost here. Yes, you heard me absolutely right. Free of cost. Download MX Player Pro APK free of cost. Free Download for your smatphones and tablest. There’s no doubt about that MX Player app is one of the best media players available for Android phones. It’s just more than just a video player due to it’s high end exclusive features. You can use it for many different formats and even for audio tracks as a music player.

MX Player Pro APK Features

MX Player Pro have many prominent features that makes it better over the others.

Experience Advertisement Free Videos

One of the most prominent feature of MX Player Pro APK is that it doesn’t contain any sort of annoying advertisements. In the free version, ads appear time to time which are really annoying and irritating. That causes a distraction between the videos and movies.

Multiple Subtitle Formats Supported

MX Player Pro version of MX Player supports all type of subtitles so user can enable any format of subtitles. You can easily download subtitles of any movie from the internet and use subtitles with this app for your movies. And the best thing about it’s subtitles is that it’s font is editable.

Multiple Media Formats & Decoding

MX Player Pro version supports almost every type of media format like FLV, MP4, AVI, MPEG and many others. It also supports multi core decoding which means it can play multi core decoding videos like HW+, SW, HW and others like it.

MX Player Pro APK Ultra HD Experience

With the new MX Player Pro APK version, you can experience a whole new way of media player with it’s ultra HD (High Definition) videos on your smartphones that you may never experienced before. It can play all the high definition formats smoothly without any problem.

MX Player APK Super Clean GUI

MX Player have a super clean GUI (Graphical User Interface) which means the interface of MX Player APK is really very user friendly and easy to access. Any non geek or non tech person would easy use it and get advantages of it’s super powers.

Advanced On-Screen Hidden Controls

This player introduced cool on-screen hidden controls that won’t appear up. So, you enjoy the video on full screen without any button appearing on the screen. You can easily zoom in and out  the video by simply pinching your fingers. No matter if the video is playing, you can pinch anytime to zoom it in and out.

Hidden on video controls for volume and brightness give an amazing experience of on screen player setting controls. You can easy volume up and down by scrolling finger on the right side of the player and do same on the left side of the video for brightness control. It also have on-screen lock and unlock that won’t let the phone go to any other app while it’s in locked state.

Download MX Player Pro APK Free

Get and install the MX Player Free Download to enjoy it. Once you start using this app, you will never go to any other media player again.

Click here to download MX Player Pro APK free of cost.


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