Download ConnectBot APK for Android

Download ConnectBot APK – a powerful Secure Shell (SSH) for network admins. ConnectBot is one of the most powerful SSH or Secure Shell client available in the market. It is also a completely open-source tool. Thus, you can find the code of it on Github. This tool will help you in managing simultaneous SSH sessions. You can use it for creating secure tunnels. Also, you can use it for copying other applications. You can use this tool for connecting to Secure Shell or SSH servers. These servers mostly run on Unix-based systems. You can enter the command in your android device. However, this command will run on your remote server. ConnectBot is using the SSH2 encryption for protecting your device. This will ensure that attackers can’t intercept your connection. You can use this tool for creating SSH connections. It is one of the best pentesting tools for mobile users. You can download it on your iOS and Android devices. Thus, you can use your smartphone for controlling your remote server. If you want to quickly reboot your server, then this tool is perfect for you. You can also use it for config file hacking. This is one of the most powerful SSH tools available in the App store. Key Features of ConnectBot:
  • You can use your username and password for logging into any secure shell server.
  • It also supports connections that are using private/public key pair. Thus, this increases the security of your network.
  • You can save hosts in this app. Thus, you can quickly login to these saved hosts.
  • This app is also compatible with other Android apps. Thus, other apps can use it for passing commands and data.
  • You can use the terminal for sending commands to your server. This terminal is similar to the terminal of your actual server.
If you are looking for a powerful SSH client, then this app is perfect for you. Every system administrator should use ConnectBot for managing their remote servers. This tool will help you in creating multiple SSH connections. Also, you can create secure tunnels by using this tool. Other Android apps can also use it for connecting with your remote server. Thus, they can pass commands to your server. You can download ConnectBot from their official site.
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