Different Ways To Trim Videos On An Android Smartphone

Smartphones are universal devices because, in addition to the actual function of the phone, they have a lot of features, including the ability to take photos and make videos. The process of compression and coding video stream is already initially laid in the Android operating system. Naturally, to trim any video or cut out of its part with the available features is also quite real – it is not more difficult than to shoot through the camera. You need to take advantage of any of the many programs, including the default ones.

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Using the built-in function of the player

The Android system has a video player, which is available on any smartphone. It may differ slightly from the version, but it allows you to edit videos on your phone. Primitively, of course, cut out some fragments with arbitrary starting and endpoints. How do I crop a video on my phone with a player? Very simple:

  • Run the video
  • Call the menu and select the “Trim” item in it.
  • By moving the sliders along the ruler, highlight the starting points and endings of the cut-out fragment, and they do not need to be installed strictly at the beginning or at the end;
  • Click Save, and the selected snippet will be saved as a standalone video.

Of course, it is not a professional tool, besides not very convenient, but if necessary, it can help, as there is always a smartphone or tablet, and no special applications are required to install. Although they provide much more creativity, and if you do it often, it’s better to install one of the programs than to use the primitive and meager tools of a standard player.

Samsung Android

Given the massive popularity of Android smartphones produced by Samsung and some features of these devices, it is logical to consider trimming videos on such devices separately.

Samsung has its unique functionality, which allows you to slice videos. And it works noticeably more accessible and more convenient than the standard tool on all smartphones with installed mobile ANDROID OS.

If the user owns a smart Samsung phone and needs to cut out part of the video, you need to do the following:

  • Open the gallery and select a clip that needs to be trimmed or cut part of the video;
  • In the open file window, click on the top three dots in the top right corner to open the settings section.
  • there choose the “Edit” item, then go to the “Studio” section and from there to the subcategory “Trimm video”;
  • Then the trimmer for Samsung phones is launched;
  • The user is offered a yellow marker that allows you to move the video to the point where it is trimmed or cut out part of the clip;
  • Once you’ve finished processing, click on “Ready”;
  • After clicking this button, the window pops up, here you need to specify the name for the new file created.

If you compare with the standard trimming on devices with Android, Samsung machines automatically cropped files do not store. Therefore, be sure to give the name for the video and click on the “Save as” button.

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How to trim videos with android applications?

Special tools allow you to perform cropping videos on your phone and mount or edit large videos, very much on Google Play. There are also real video editors with excellent capabilities. They can cut out a particular piece, glue together the remaining parts, or even help mount a video clip with different effects.

FilmoraGo app

This small program makes it easy to cut out part of the video file. It has a simple and easy interface, which is very easy to understand. To get the desired result, you need:

  • Run FilmoraGo and open a video file from which to cut out a part
  • Select the “Cut clip” feature at the top.
  • Select the boundaries of the cut-out area with sliders.
  • Save the result, and you’ll encode the video into a new file.

Using FilmoraGo is no more complex than the usual video player mentioned above. But this app has more features because that’s what it’s designed for.

The quality of the video due to processing largely depends on the quality of the source and the power of the processor on the mobile device. Therefore, users of weak old smartphones may face the problem of reducing the quality of the video. It will not be essential, but for some, it plays an important role.

Wondershare Filmora app

This program is a reasonably advanced editor that makes it easy to mount videos on your android phone. It has a great set of different tools. However, the application is simple enough that even an absolute beginner could work with it. Wondershare Filmora can glue multiple videos into one video. Of course, and cut out of this program is quite possible, such a function is provided.

Universal, but simple enough video editor for Android smartphones. It attracts intuitive menus, an attractive interface, large-format support, and several other features and advantages.

Interestingly, you can crop the videos and mount full movies right on the phone with this application.

The time the video stream is processed will be affected by both the device’s performance and its compatibility with the application. Because of this, the program may not run on weak devices, or it may not work entirely correctly. Make sure your Android smartphone meets at least the minimum requirements.

The user will be required to:

  • Open the app
  • Choose a video to handle.
  • Press the TRIM button
  • Set a time frame for the video
  • Save the new file.

The principle of work is straightforward. There is nothing to look for and come up with.

AndroVid Video Trimmer app

Using the AndroVid Video Trimmer trimmer also solves problems with cutting out any part of the video file. That’s what the program is designed for. It has a straightforward and easy-to-understand interface. In addition, the app can be used as a replacement for a standard player and take screenshots during video playback.

Another popular editor lets you quickly crop and cut the video.

Here’s how to TRIM:

  • Download the app from Google Play Store and install yourself on your smartphone;
  • Start the program
  • Wait for the scan to be completed so that the software will determine all the videos on the device.
  • Choose a clip that needs to be processed in one way or another.
  • Click on separation mode.
  • Set a marker on the area from which the clipped roller will start.
  • The second marker to put at the end of the video that you want to get eventually;
  • Click on the icon with the image of scissors, which means the function of Trim;
  • wait for the processing to end.

Interestingly, at the end of the Trim procedure, the program proposes to trim the selected part or remove the segment that was highlighted by markers.

The app also asks if you need to replace the original video or save part of the clip with a separate file. The user must additionally specify the location to save the video. This is where the TRIM is complete.

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Google Photos

It used to be a good thing to edit videos, at least on a full-fledged computer, because even for PCs, the range of software was limited. Now you can get even on a mobile device without problems to TRIM and cut the videos, spending a few minutes.

Not everyone knows what Google Photos is all about. Some are confusing, and users think that this program can work exclusively with photos and graphic images.

You can also use this app to process videos. To do this, you need:

  • Start the app, and in the absence of it free to download from the Market;
  • Set up backup and synchronization to make sure the ON position is there.
  • Through the program, open the video for later TRIM.
  • At the bottom of the display is a pencil icon, which is a control tool.
  • If the video were created and stored before the app was installed, you’d have to wait for synchronization when you add it.
  • By selecting a TRIM tool, you should determine the starting and endpoints of the future video;
  • Highlight the clip section that you want to save as a separate file.
  • Click the Save button in the top right corner.

Again, nothing complicated, and the work on the smartphone can be done in just a few minutes.

Movavi Clips

Movavi produces software for computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones to edit, process, and create videos and images.

In the range of the developer, there is also a great program called Movavi Clips. It is designed to work on mobile devices running the Android operating system.

The app works quite simply. If you want to crop the video on your phone, follow up. Namely:

  • Open the app in Google Play, download it, and install it on your mobile device.
  • Clicking on the icon of the installed program, run it on your smartphone, downloading is fast enough;
  • The main window that needs to add a video to process will open, click on the plus icon, and then the video camera image at the bottom of the screen.
  • The program will first select a screensaver for the video, after which you can click on the item “Start editing”;
  • A drop-down menu appears to select the proper side-to-side ratio in the video clip you’re creating.
  • Now start to move the video series to the left to the point where you need to cut, or you can touch the video clip in the preview menu and lose it to the required moment;
  • Then click on the icon with the image of scissors. Thus the recording will be divided into two parts. The extra fragment is removed by a simple swipe down;
  • If it’s a clipping from the middle of the original video, then another cut is made, all excess is removed in the same way, i.e., by swiping down;
  • In the top right corner is an icon with the image of a floppy disk. It must click to save the clip clip;
  • When you press the save button, you’ll see a new window to see the result of the work done.
  • If you need to adjust something and edit, then click on the arrow back, located at the top left of the display;
  • If the result is completely satisfied, the work ends with the click of the Save button.

All videos created using this mobile app will be stored in a particular folder called Movavi Clips.

It is essential to keep in mind that the source program does not touch. Therefore, the original clip, from which the TRIMMING of part of the video was made, will remain unharmed.


A reasonably popular mobile app that lets you crop videos.

The program works quite simply. Here’s what the user needs to do:

  • Install a program or update the app to the latest version.
  • Select a video to edit
  • Click on the image of scissors;
  • Choose from 3 editing methods. It’s a Trim, Split, and separation;
  • To remove the extra part of the video from the middle will be a suitable TRIMMING function;
  • You can also split the video and then remove the unnecessary with the help of a clipped haircut;
  • Then press the save button, and you’re ready.

It’s not that InShot has a lot of power in terms of a video editor. Still, the application copes with basic tasks ideally, especially if the user needs to make a short video from a long video or only highlight a small piece, saving it as a separate file.

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Conclusion: Different Ways To Crop Videos On An Android Smartphone

You can edit videos on your Android phone with a variety of programs. Some are small, specialized tools, while others are potent editors. Choosing them on Google Play is big enough. Before installing any programs, you should read the system requirements for them. After all, coding video stream – quite resource-intensive operation, and on a weak processor can take a lot of time. In addition, many apps do not work on older versions of the Android system.

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