How To Create Slow Or Fast-Track Videos With Android Apps

The viewer’s reaction and the impression of watching the video forms a lot of factors. In addition to the well-chosen plot, the presentation of visual information plays a significant role. Professionals know how to attract views to their work. To make the picture look more attractive, light, focus, and other compositional tricks are used, making the video spectacular and catchy. The easiest way to make video recording more spectacular, accessible to any user is to use the effects of slowing down or speeding up the video.

Videos in which clouds rush in a matter of seconds, the sun rises and sets, a flower blooms, and those that contain slow motions, everyone has seen. Although they look unconventional, it is easy to achieve such an effect. You can slow down or speed up the video in the video editor. If you shoot on your smartphone, you will be able to realize this feature right on the device, using the built-in tools, provided the necessary features support, or with the help of unique applications. They will not be difficult to find in the same Play Market for Android.

Slow-motion scenes, giving a moment of drama, provides a technique called slow motion, and for videos shot in an accelerated time, the method of timelapse is used. To create a slow-motion effect, you should increase the frequency of frames changing in a second to see a slowdown when viewed at average speed. In the case of time-lapse increases the interval between frames, and when playing at normal speed, the screen time will be compressed, then we will see slowly developing processes in a short period.

Let’s consider which apps will help you get the job done in the absence of built-in features on your phone and how to use software to make a video in the style of timelaps and slow motion.

Slow-motion apps

A video shot at 60 frames per second and above can be easily turned into slow motion. Since the normal frame rate for the camera is 24 frames per second. In contrast, the mobile device camera allows you to shoot 60 frames per second, this provides higher clarity and smooth transition, and when played at an average speed, the slowdown will be about twice. Almost all modern flagships can shoot slow-motion videos in 120 or 240 FPS, which gives even more opportunities to create high-quality and spectacular videos.

There are plenty of third-party slow-motion tools on Android today. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Slow Motion Video FX

Free app to slow down and speed up videos on Android, allowing you to choose the speed of output video. With this tool, you can mount already captured video files or record a video with the included effect of slow motion. There is also the possibility to export the resulting videos to the popular YouTube video hosting.


The app is a full-fledged video editor for Android devices, supporting editing videos on your smartphone and recording videos directly in the program. With Efectum, you can create slow-and-speed videos, “video vice versa,” as well as manage frame rate, crop videos, and change audio track. The utility works with different media formats, is easy to use, and have a wide range of options. You can save your work on your device or share them with friends on social media.

Slow Motion Video Maker

Another free app that lets you create slow-motion videos, speed, crop, and frame, as well as do back-to-back videos, slideshows, filters, effects, animation, and text. The software supports all popular media formats, and use the tools slow Motion Video Maker is easy. The resulting videos can be stored in the memory of the device or shared on popular social networks. In addition, the app can compress the finished video without losing quality.

Video Slow Motion

A good app with support for popular media formats, allowing you to slow down, speed up, and crop videos. You can also record a slow-motion video directly from the program. There is a possibility of choosing speed, applying effects on separate sections of the video. You can save the finished file on your device or share it on social media.

Accelerated shooting apps

Accelerated video playback is used for various purposes, such as creating a comic effect or showing a long process quickly. There are two options – shoot the video as usual and editing it in the app to speed up the video to give the desired speed of the show (you can only apply for specific segments of the video) or use the program for interval shooting.

Timelapse (or interval shooting) involves taking pictures with a slow frame capture rate (e.g., 5-10 frames per second or one frame in a few seconds, depending on the process you need to speed up). Such shooting is efficient when you need to remove natural processes (blossoming flower, change of physical form, construction, change of time of day, etc.). If the phone’s built-in capabilities do not allow you to do this using a particular mode of photography, you will have to use third-party software.

The above applications to create a slow-motion effect are also suitable for speeding up video, but add to this list and allow you to shoot with accelerated time in the timelapse technique.

Time Lapse Camera

A great free app to speed up video on Android, expanding the capabilities of the smartphone camera. It has several variations in the shooting intervals and some other parameters.

With the help of software, you can create beautiful videos in the time-lapse style relevant to long-term processes and share them on YouTube. The functionality of the program allows you to shoot events that are different in duration:

  • Photo Lapse is used to take long-term processes, such as days or weeks.
  • Video Lapse is suitable for shooting the movement of an object.

You can shoot, including at night, as well as add to the video’s audio track. There is no advertising in the app at the moment.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

A program to speed up long videos on Android allows you to create smooth and fast videos or download and customize already footage. Here you can set up the speed of the video (an increase in speed up to 32 times), choose the permission to save the media, save on the device, or post created hyperlapse on popular social networks and video hosting.

The hyperlapse technique is different from timelapse. Although the same trick is used when the shots are shot at specific intervals (e.g., one frame in a few seconds), the camera is no longer fixed in place, as in time-lapse, but evenly moves, i.e., the shooting occurs motion.

Depending on the goal, you can use various software tools, including multifunctional video editors, to adjust the speed of the video.

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