Why ‘Smart Things’ Is Needed In A Samsung Ecosystem

Samsung is an undisputed global leader in introducing innovative high-tech products, which makes a significant contribution to the process of progressive technological development on a planetary scale. Offering an extensive range of products and services, including those implemented with artificial intelligence elements, Samsung tries to keep up with the times, making efforts to introduce the […]

Xiaomi’s App Vault MIUI 12- Usage Features

Chinese company Xiaomi never ceases to amaze with constant updates. The manufacturer really bothers with new, more useful programs, thereby expanding the smartphone’s functionality. The MIUI firmware update has brought an app you can’t get past – App Vault. Developers say that such software will make life easier for users. Let’s take a closer look […]

How To Turn Android Into An iPhone

Dear readers, today we will try to learn How To Turn Android Into An iPhone. As mentioned above, you’ll need to install some apps on your device to change the design of some elements. In this regard, we will consider separate categories of utilities that can help you fulfill your desire. We’ll look at launchers, […]

Top 10 File Managers For Android

There is no denying that a good file manager is an essential thing on a smartphone or tablet. Using these programs, you can search, view files, manage built-in memory, connected drives, move data to different folders, groups, etc. Yes, few people like to sit on the phone, rearranging the file from one folder to another. […]