Top 10 File Managers For Android

Top 10 File Managers For Android

There is no denying that a good file manager is an essential thing on a smartphone or tablet. Using these programs, you can search, view files, manage built-in memory, connected drives, move data to different folders, groups, etc.

Yes, few people like to sit on the phone, rearranging the file from one folder to another. It’s boring and not particularly interesting. But you can’t do without a manager.

The range of software with such functionality for Android is huge. But not all developments are convenient, practical, and valuable.

In this regard, it is worth highlighting a selection of the top 10 best file managers for Android.

Total Commander

Opens the top best file managers for Android, almost the most popular and multifunctional program of this segment.

Here are available almost all the features that may be necessary and useful for the user. There is even support for network and cloud storage, text editor, etc.

Yes, you can talk for a long time about a frankly outdated design. But choosing which file manager under android is better. First of all, you look not at the design but the features and functions.

Another strong argument in favor of The Total Commander is it’s completely free. Combining all the existing flaws, criticizing design decisions is simply wrong.

X-Plore File Manager

Also, in the top among the best file managers for the operating system, Android deservedly and confidently gets this program.

In many ways unique development. In the case of X-Plore, we are talking about a two-panel application. This indicates that two windows will be available to the user at once during the management process. This is as convenient as possible for those who copy and insert a large number of files. This capability significantly speeds up the speed with the data.

The software supports different types of files, works with cloud and network storage, and more. If necessary, you can quickly defer APK files with this tool.

As with The Total Commander, the only claim to this program is designed. Software developed a long time ago, and the appearance almost did not change. But behind the outdated appearance hides a functional file manager.

The first two File Manager (FM) argue for the title of the same file manager, in the end, the best for devices with Android OS. And it isn’t easy to distinguish the clear favorite between Total Commander and X-Plore. Both perfectly cope with their tasks, give much more than you expect from them, and at the same time are offered for free.

Amaze FM

This File Manager is ranked among the best and most sought-after file managers for Android operating system devices.

A relatively new application that turned out to be surprisingly good, valuable, and functional. Available on an unrestricted basis.

The software is open source. There is already a modern and pleasant interface—an excellent option for those who mainly use conductors just for viewing.

The development could combine the most valuable and necessary functionality of the file manager, but it does not take up much space on the devices.

The app itself is completely free. But you can help the developers. To do this, make some purchases directly in the application.


Oddly enough, but in the top among the best conductors for the mobile operating system, Android also got almost the oldest file manager, which can only be found on the Internet.

Astro’s history is quite fascinating and rich. The dizzying successes were followed by offensive falls. But Astro always revived and continued to enjoy well-deserved popularity.

If you don’t like classics like Total Commander or X-Plore, Astros are a great alternative. Among the main opportunities is:

  • Support for memory cards
  • Cloud Storage Support
  • The ability to compress files
  • Application management mode
  • unpacking the archives of the RAR and zip format. It is also important to note a self-explanatory but straightforward interface. And here he is very, very nice. The beginning of the 90s of the last century and does not smell.

The app is free. Plus, the user won’t see any advertising inside when working with the program.

Asus FM

Is it any wonder that in 2021 the smartphone manufacturers themselves are starting to produce their programs and applications.

So Asus introduced its file manager, not particularly bothered with the name. It’s just Asus File Manager. Sometimes there is the concept of File Explorer.

Perhaps nothing better than the same Total Commander newcomers in the field of software development will be able to do. But there is no denying that the conductor from Asus turned out to be very interesting and high-quality.

A straightforward interface welcomes the user. There is support here:

  • Cloud storage
  • A comprehensive list of file types
  • LAN;
  • SMB;
  • archiving, etc. The app is entirely free. There are no shopping opportunities inside either. Asus is not just trying to make money on this manager.

There are drawbacks, but they are insignificant for many users. Here we are talking about the missing root access and several advertising blocks the developer still decided to place. That’s the answer to the question of how Asus is going to profit from its free file manager.

FX File Explorer

A reasonably fresh product in the category of file managers for mobile devices running the Android operating system.

The program has included a list of the most standard but necessary functions. It can control multimedia, a comprehensive list of files, work simultaneously in several windows. There is also network storage support. Developers have not overlooked such an essential feature for some as the support of archived encrypted files.

Moreover, the software was provided by its text editor. This manager easily recognizes the archives of formats such as 7zip, Bzip2, and Gzip, which not all competitors can boast.

The development is entirely free. There is no advertising inside either. The manager will not follow the device.

MiXplorer Silver

One of the three file managers in this ranking, for which you will have to pay for the use.

This is also the newest development in its category if we take into account the rating in question.

As for the possibilities, they were very extensive. Here’s what you can highlight:

  • View files of different formats
  • Working with cloud storage
  • View HTML
  • ePub;
  • Mobipocket;
  • Reading PDF files
  • data encryption and more. Developers offer a wide range of plug-ins that can raise the level of functionality to incredible heights. For example, to get backup support, it’s enough to install the correct plug-in.

There is no free version. But there is an opportunity to download and try out the manager in work during the trial period.

Yes, someone will say that there are excellent free analogs. And in many ways, they will be correct. But the features that a paid file manager has do not even have advanced free programs. A lot depends on what functionality a particular user needs.

MK Explorer

Excellent representative of the file managers category. It’s a reasonably simple conductor with limited functionality.

If you need something as simple, understandable, and easy as possible, choose this option. It is worth noting the enjoyable interface. There is even root access. The program perfectly reads data from memory cards.

The software works in 20 different languages. There is a built-in text editor, a music player, a gallery.

For unknown reasons, updates for this conductor have not come for a long time. Perhaps the support stopped altogether.

Although MK Explorer has more than enough competitors, it is one of the leaders in terms of simplicity and ease. Plus, this is the best choice for devices that have the android os on which are obsolete. This applies to Lollipop and the Marshmallow version. If you have a more modern Android device, then choose something fresh.

Root Explorer

Once one of the most sought-after managers for root-users Android.

In terms of modernity, this is not the most advanced development. But the support is there so far. The updates come with enviable regularity. They are mainly aimed at refining the interface, improving stability, and the emergence of new functionality.

If a smartphone or tablet has root rights and you want to access the relevant section, it is unlikely that the manager will find something better than this one. Root Explorer offers endless possibilities.

It is the second-largest and second-most valued manager in this ranking.

Solid Explorer

Closes the current rating among file managers another paid software.

The program actively gains a solid audience, enjoys well-deserved demand. Among the main advantages and opportunities, it is worth highlighting such:

  • The interface is beautifully implemented.
  • Supports cloud storage
  • Gives root access.
  • Supports SFTP;
  • WebDAV;
  • CIFS;
  • FTP;
  • SMB;
  • Works with archives
  • Squeezes;
  • Has several themes, etc. If you choose the best conductor by the number of features available, Solid Explorer will be the undisputed leader. He has no equal—neither in this ranking nor beyond.

The program is conditionally free. The user has the opportunity to try out this file manager for free for two weeks. And then either delete or pay.

Of course, if a user needs to move files from one section to another, buying such a manager will be pointless.

Conclusion: Top 10 File Managers For Android

Android has a large number of excellent File Manager programs available. Some are paid. Others are entirely free. But this is not the main guideline. It would be best to choose based on what features the user wants to get and how seriously he plans to use some features of advanced file managers.

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