Best VPN Apps For Android

Protecting your Internet connection is one of the most pressing issues these days. Finding a stable and proven program that will help avoid the loss of personal information and provide free surfing in the Internet space is not so easy. Android users know the problems with VPN firsthand. After analyzing several dozen programs, was compiled a ranking of the best applications for Android, which we offer you to familiarize yourself with.

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Turbo VPN

A free program that uses servers around the world to guarantee a secure data channel. The app protects user data regardless of the hotspot’s location (especially public access to Wi-Fi). Turbo VPN provides high connection speed.

The minimalist interface can be mastered even by a novice user. When you open an app, you can choose to connect to the server – automatic or manual. Data encryption is done using OpenVPN and IPsec protocols.

The hallmark of the program is a secure connection without losing speed.


  • Free access (with advertising) means connecting to 6 servers;
  • Straightforward, convenient, and accessible interface;
  • Mapping the speed of transmission and the delivery of data packets
  • The ability to exclude VPN reconciliation for individual applications.


  • There is no user support.
  • Pop-up banners with reminders of the paid version
  • Only one device can be connected in the free tariff;
  • A limited number of servers.

Premium tariff increases the number of available servers to 20, provides a higher speed, disables advertising. Works on Android 4.0 and above. The cost is $4.17/month. Regardless of where you are, a secure and secure connection is guaranteed.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is another program used to connect safely. This is one of the best free VPNs for Android. The app provides anonymity and overcoming censorship in the global network. Creating a network between the user and the access point encrypts all outgoing and incoming packages, ensuring privacy and reliability.

Hotspot Shield is not for nothing in the top 10 best VPN applications. Seventy percent of the world’s security-related companies use Hotspot Shield. No registration is required.

The free version is available 500MB per day, which should be enough for 20-30 minutes on the network. The free version contains advertisements and offers only two connection points.


  • Free use (with restrictions);
  • 256-bit encryption;
  • A simple multilingual interface
  • Automatic selection of the correct connection point
  • Protection against phishing, spam, malicious sites;
  • Secure and anonymous access to any location.


  • There is no technical support 24/7;
  • Annoying advertising
  • Slow connectivity
  • It is possible to keep information from the browser cache.

When you sign up for a paid subscription, the user gets access to an unlimited amount of traffic and the ability to connect to 3,200 locations in 70 countries. There’s a 7-day trial. The monthly subscription costs $7.99.


Windscribe is a good VPN service that guarantees a secure connection anywhere in the world. Despite what Windscribe calls an “unlimited” service, this is not quite the case. The app offers 10GB of traffic per month and connects to 10 servers around the world.

The program is convenient and easy to use, weighs very little, and has a minimalist interface. Windscribe offers three modes of operation.

Using secure encryption, the app blocks ads, spam, and various malicious sites without requiring registration. It does not affect the performance of the device at all. The program supports P2P connections and separate tunneling.


  • Free use
  • The ability to connect a large number of devices to one account
  • Built-in firewall;
  • When choosing a paid subscription, there is an opportunity to calculate the individual tariff.


  • Constant advertising
  • If you use more than 50 devices at a time, your account can be blocked.

Windscribe can be used without payment. Pro tariff implies removing any restrictions on traffic, additional servers, configuration generator, complete protection from advertising, trackers, and malware.

Subscription for a month costs about $9, annual – $49, or you can make an individual tariff.


The fastest VPN service for Android. The creators of The ProtonMail email developed ProtonVPN. The app protects the user’s data and provides access to blocked resources. ProtonVPN is not only fast and secure.

A simple interface with an excellent color solution. ProtonVPN does not retain user information, providing complete anonymity. The distinctive feature is the complete absence of advertising, even in the free version. ProtonVPN offers unlimited traffic and excellent bandwidth.


  • Unlimited traffic, even inaccessible mode.
  • High speed
  • Intuitive interface with a map of the world
  • Separate tunneling technology
  • Complete lack advertising.


  • Periodic server load, which affects the connection speed
  • Speed changes
  • Can overload the smartphone’s battery.

The paid version is available for 30 days. ProtonVPN has several tariffs. There are three servers in the free tariff, the ability to work with only one device, and speed limits. The basic tariff, for which you need to pay $4 per month, can work on two devices, supports P2P. The $8-a-month Plus tariff expands connectivity to 5 devices. There are bonus servers, Tor technical support, and several other additional features.


NordVPN is an app with a world-famous name. With more than 4,000 servers in 60 countries, NordVPN is the best VPN for Android. The service is used by 12 million subscribers worldwide. Provides a smooth and high-speed connection with unlimited access. Dual encryption technology is used to provide complete protection.

Since the company is registered in Panama, NordVPN guarantees complete protection of personal data. The program is equipped with tools to remove ads and block malicious pages automatically.

Using the app, the user is given access to streaming data and P2P servers. The program provides access to various international resources, including Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, BBC iPlayer, etc.


  • It does not retain any user information.
  • The company’s independent status
  • High performance
  • Servers in 60 countries
  • Supports up to 6 parallel connections from a single account.
  • The possibility of paying in bitcoins.


  • High cost.

The program is paid, the test period is seven days. The cost depends on the subscription period. Monthly subscription – $11.95.


Surfshark is the best solution for Android users. The app encrypts data, ensuring that multiple servers are connected, fully secure, and protected from loss of information. You can automatically or manually select a connection to one of the servers in 61 countries. The service ensures the confidentiality of payment information and e-mail addresses. Even the ISP won’t be able to view your online activities. Go to any sites, and Surfshark will take care of security, protect you from advertising, malicious links.


  • 2048-bit encryption algorithm;
  • Servers in 61 countries around the world
  • Bypassing any regional protection, unlocking torrents, streaming services;
  • You can use one account on six devices.
  • High speed
  • Selectively disabling the connection for specific sites
  • 24-hour technical support.


  • A trial period of only seven days (mobile-only)
  • Automatic selection of the optimal server does not always work correctly.

Surfshark has only one fare with all available options. The cost depends on the period. For example, when applying for a two-year subscription, the cost of one month will be $2.49. The standard monthly subscription is $12.95.

Conclusion: Best VPN Apps For Android

It is difficult to answer unequivocally the question of which VPN will best protect Android users. Of course, paid programs, such as Surfshark and NordVPN, have advantages, but you can also find an excellent free analog. All presented programs perform their primary function – a secure connection, which is a necessity in 2021. What kind of program and how often do you use the VPN? Share your reasoning in the comments.

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