The Best Animation Programs On Android

The term “animation” in French means “animation.” This word is called not only cartoons but also the process of their creation. The main goal for which animation is used to attract the attention of users. When this opportunity appeared on the web pages, it began to resort very often. To convey emotions or sensations, you can use animation and gifs, which are so many on the android mobile platform and the PC. To test your creativity, you need to choose one of these programs and then create something of your own. You can also read: How To Create Slow Or Fast-Track Videos With Android Apps Consider the best animation apps on Android.

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is a free app that also has paid features. This utility is used to create professional visuals. It could be anything:
  • Savers
  • Video
  • Posters
  • Postcards
  • even posts on social networks.
There are already different ready-made templates for convenience. You can change or choose the font you like, and you can make changes to the design. It is often used to create credits, visualizations to videos, illustrations.


  This app allows you to draw animations with a wide range of features and even with an unlimited number of layers. There is a practical option, “onion skinning,” with its help. It became possible to see several frames in the forward. Thus, subsequent pictures will be created by changing the previous ones. In this tool, you can synchronize audio, customize brushes. It is also possible to export finished animation to Adobe Flash or After Effects.

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a unique audio and video editor who helps you work professionally—a great set of valuable tools to create a unique animation design. During the work, you can play the finished parts, edit, make gifs. In addition, the program allows you to export animation to MP4 format or GIF. You can create a video for free in this program, although it will be a watermark, which not everyone will like. And using a paid version of the program, you can get rid of this obsessive symbol.


The program can quickly turn the text into a video or gif for 6 seconds—an app with a straightforward interface. There are many options for real pros; here, you can use different options and combinations of fonts and tones, and colors to choose from. You can always cut and add the right part of the image, even for the background. You can select any photos in Flickr. The program also allows you to share the finished result on different social networks. The maximum number of characters for mini-videos is 100. You can also slow down playback and use a timelapse. Users often use it to create posts on Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp, or convert videos into GIFs. You can also read: How To Play Youtube Videos In The Background On Android

Iyan 3D

With this free app, you can create animated movies or cartoons on Android, even for beginners. Details can be selected in a 3D store or downloaded by other models. Creating animation, it is essential to work through each frame, change the settings of each character, adjust the light, camera, and sometimes even return to the previous version of the action.


Wizibel is an excellent app for both audio and interview work, and you can use various sounds and even music here. It can be used to make an animated visual drawing and even form a graphic design of audio. Then these parts (video and audio) are connected, and the animation is produced.


This program helps you create creative animated videos, draw each frame individually, and sketch them. In addition, you can also use particular support layers, timing, animation, exceptional personnel manager, as well as do storyboards. The final work can be shared on social networks. The difference is that the text can be typed with a stylus so that this creation can look even more cartoonish and realistic.

Animation Desk

With this app, you can create animations on tablets. Its interface is very similar to professional animation programs. When you work with this tool, you can quickly find the right tools because they are all located as conveniently as possible. In this app, you can create unique scenes for animation. There are various tools for the work: pouring, feather pen, pencil, different brushes, and erasers. In addition, you can always choose photos for the background, superimpose frames, change their frequency and shades. Every user can try yourself as a new multiplier. Especially since now, it can be done so easily and quickly. Although, to begin with, to make a difficult choice of the best application. And then everything will go fast and easy. Perhaps you already use a similar utility on your mobile. Which one do you think is the best? And which features you liked the most, and which do you not use at all? Please write in the comments. Perhaps your experience will help other users choose the best program for themselves. You can find more such apps on our platform here,

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