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We do not. Furthermore, we absolutely advise against downloading apps outside of the official store. On mobile this is most likely to be the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.
For desktop, both Apple and Microsoft provide comprehensive security within their own desktop app stores, we will try to link to these stores where possible. If such a store listing is unavailable, we will link directly to the app’s official website or git repo.
In the case of Chrome browser extensions, we will only ever link to the official Chrome Web Store. You should not attempt to sideload extensions; doing so could severely jeopardise your privacy and security. We make similar advisories regarding other browsers and their respective extension or add-on stores.

Since we will only ever link to the official website, source, store, or app listing we can ensure that, as far as security goes, your security is in good hands. This does not necessarily guarantee that all evil is expunged from the app but it’s a good start.
Some other app portal sites may provide standalone installable files, such as APK or EXE. We would advise against installing these. Even if they are the original signed binary, it is doing a disfavour to the developer not crediting the developer’s website or linking to the source the developer advises. Likewise, the only way to ensure access to the latest file is to get it directly from the developer.

The majority of the apps found on our site can be accessed for free. Some may be categorised as, trial-ware or demos. This means that you may be asked to sign-up, purchase or subscribe at some point in order to access the full breadth of functionality available.

If you sign-up to the app using an account, we would advise checking the official developer’s site for the options to login or reset your password. You may also check your emails for any correspondence from the developer of the app. These often include account credentials which may be used to login or access the app.

In most cases, a subscription can be cancelled through the vendor or authoritative sources site.

In the case of mobile apps, both the Play Store and the App Store make it easy to cancel subscriptions. Please follow the links below to find out more:
Play Store (Android):
App Store (iOS):

Cancelling a subscription is a breeze. This is another reason why we suggest only ever downloading apps via the official store.

For Desktop we suggest checking links as follows:
Mac: does not charge for access to any apps. In the case of a 3rd party app, refund links are available below:
Play Store (Android):
App Store (iOS):

Please check the guide on how to download and use the app by selecting your application from the list available here:


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