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The Rumble app is an exciting new way to watch and interact with videos. It allows you to create groups of friends so that you can all watch videos together and chat about them. You can also vote on which videos you think are the best. This app is perfect for people who love to watch videos online. The app is great for watching videos in a group with friends, or as an entertainment option when you are on the go. The Rumble app is easy to use. It’s simple so that you can easily watch videos with anyone.


Rumble App
Rumble Inc.
iOS, Android


How to use Rumble:

Download and install the app. Sign up for a Rumble account by using your Facebook or Google login details. You can also create an account if you don’t want to use Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter or other social networks as well (more on that below). Select which videos you would like to watch from the categories section. Once you have selected a video, tap the ‘Watch’ button to watch it on your phone or tablet when connected with WiFi. If there are multiple videos and channels that interest you in one location (which is common), then tapping any of them will display all related channel information such as links, descriptions, and statistics. You can also use the ‘+’ button to add channels you like or see recommended videos (the third one).

The Rumble app has a simple interface that lets viewers choose which video they want to watch. After selecting this option, you will be prompted with options such as ‘watch now’, ‘subscribe to channel’ and various other options. You can also select different categories of videos that you would like to watch by using the search bar in order for it to show up on your app menu (this is useful if there are multiple channels).

To add friends, you can either add them via your Facebook account or use Google. If it is a new user, then they will be prompted to create an account in order for the app’s functions to work properly and start watching videos on demand from now onwards (this feature isn’t available if there are already users on the app).

The Rumble application is easy to use and allows you to watch videos in a group with friends. The best thing about it, however, are its features that allow video users (especially those who love watching YouTube) to create their own channels so they can post content on demand as well as interact with other users in a group chat. The app also gives you the option of voting on videos that are recommended to be watched by your friends, as well as creating groups so people can watch content together without having to share their own devices and accounts with each other (more about this feature below).


I have been using Rumble since the beta version was released. I think it’s an extremely useful app for anyone who has a YouTube account and wants to watch videos online. The application is very easy to use, which makes the best possible experience in watching all of your favorite YouTubers on demand from anywhere with just one click! This means that you don’t have to waste hours looking for videos that are available online. You can watch the ones you want immediately and without delay. The best part about Rumble is its channel creation feature, which allows users to create their own channels so they can post content on demand as well as interact with other users in a group chat.

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