Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, is a hugely popular multiplayer game that has quickly become a mobile sensation. The game is a Battle Royale-style game where up to 100 players compete to be the last one standing. The objective is to scavenge supplies and weapons while evading the enemy team. The game is incredibly smooth and well-made, making it an ideal choice for mobile gaming. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a battle royale game that has quickly become one of the most popular on mobile. The game is based off of the same engine as the PC game.


Free (In-App Purchase)
Tencent Mobile International Limited
iOS, Android, Windows 10, Steam


PUBG has evolved quite rapidly over the last months, due to its popularity. The developers have added new features and options for players often in response to feedback from their community of fans. From an optimization perspective, PUBG Mobile stands out as one of the most polished and well-made games on mobile. It’s fast, smooth and stable — despite the fact it is a battle royale game that has no end in sight.

PUBG Mobile is a fun and engaging experience that provides an excellent mobile Battle Royale gaming experience. The action takes place over 100 players who parachute onto an island with nothing but their wits to survive against each other until only one is left standing.

The action takes place over 100 players who parachute onto an island with nothing but their wits to survive against each other until only one is left standing. The player has to scavenge for weapons and supplies, as well as evade the enemy team while trying not to get killed themselves (as it makes you miss out on valuable points).

PUBG Mobile runs beautifully even with its low resolution graphics at 320 x 240 pixels — and I can’t recall ever seeing a game run so smoothly on mobile. The graphics are simply stunning with the low resolution, and it’s very impressive how well PUBG Mobile runs despite its age (it is in fact still under active development).

There is an excellent tutorial that walks you through all the basic controls for PUBG Mobile, which is really helpful. You can also play using a virtual joystick if you prefer that method of control (I recommend it).

The gameplay in PUBG Mobile runs smoothly and everything works great — I never experienced any bugs or glitches whatsoever during my review period.

PUBG Mobile has a vibrant community of players with its forum, Facebook and Twitter pages all providing an excellent platform for communication between users on the mobile version (it also provides in-game chat). Players can even make their own content like maps or skins using 3D graphics tools.

The in-game store sells various items that players can use to customise their gaming experience, such as outfits and weapon skins. Each of the battlefields has a variety of cool locations where you can play PUBG Mobile like caves or abandoned buildings filled with loot (similar to Fortnite).

PUBG Mobile is really fun to play and it’s one of the most engaging mobile games at this moment. It provides a great experience on all platforms, including PC (and Xbox). The developers are constantly updating their servers with new features that provide fresh content for players — I love how the game is constantly evolving.

PUBG Mobile is a great mobile battle royale experience and I highly recommend it to all gamers who are looking for something different (and fun) on their phone or tablet.

The PUBG mobile version is available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store or iTunes AppStore.

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