Parallels software is a powerful and easy to use virtual machine that can be installed in your Mac or Chrome OS device. Its primary purpose is to allow you to run Windows on devices not designed for it. Most users utilise this functionality to run Windows on their Macintosh machine. This may allow the user to fun Windows only software on a non-Windows operating system.


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Why would I want to use Parallels?

The following are some reasons why you might want to use Parallels:

  • You want to use Windows software that isn’t available on Mac or Chrome OS.
  • You need access to a device driver, like one for your printer/scanner.
  • Your job requires you to run Microsoft Office programs and not the Apple equivalents.
  • You’re a gamer and you want to play Windows games on your Mac or Chrome OS device.


How to download Parallels for Mac

To download the Parallels for Mac, click here. The installer should download in a couple of seconds.

How to Install Parallels for Mac

Once you complete signing up and downloading it—it can take some time depending on your internet connection speed—the installation process will begin automatically. If not, just go to Applications > Utilities folder in Finder menu bar then double-click on the Parallels icon.

The installation takes some time and you’ll need to restart your Mac once it is complete before running the application for the first time, so make sure that all of this has completed before starting any projects on Windows-based software or operating systems.

Once the installation is complete, run this application and you’ll be presented with a window that offers several options to use Parallels for Mac. You can choose which one suits your needs best: Install Windows from CD/DVD; Create Boot Camp Partition on an external hard drive or USB stick; Set up Windows software from an online source and, of course, use the program to install a pre-configured virtual machine.

Note: If you want to create a Boot Camp partition that can also be used by Apple’s operating system (OS X), make sure your Mac meets all of its requirements first. It should have at least 3GB of RAM, 10 GB free hard drive space and support Mac OS X Yosemite or higher versions to use the Boot Camp assistant feature on a Windows machine.


Parallels software is a powerful and easy to use virtual machine that can be installed in your Mac or Chrome OS device. Its primary purpose is to allow you to run Windows on devices not designed for it. In this way, Parallels provides an amazing opportunity: the possibility of using alternative hardware for Windows.

Parallels is a useful tool for those who want to make the most out of their devices, allowing them to run any software in two operating systems at once with no compromise on performance or speed. In fact, this virtual machine provides high-performance graphics solutions that will not disappoint even the most demanding users.

Another great advantage of this software is its versatility, allowing you to install it on any OS and run many operating systems simultaneously without losing efficiency or stability. It was released in 2006 as a virtualisation program for Mac OS X (now Parallels), but later versions were released for Windows (Parallels) and Chrome OS, allowing you to use a virtual machine in any device with no problem.

The software is not free, but it has a 30-day trial period. During the first month you can test out Windows 10 on your Chrome OS laptop or Mac without spending any money. After that time expires, though, to keep using Parallels there are some costs involved with upgrading and renewing subscription plans.

The software itself is simple to install and use, even if you have never tried running Windows on a Mac or Chrome OS before because it comes with tutorials that will guide the way through all of its features during setup. One thing we did notice however was how slow Parallels performs compared to other virtual machines. This is to be expected, as it has a real Windows OS running inside Chrome OS or MacOS but if you are looking for the best performance possible this might not quite cut it in your eyes.

In the following lines we will talk about some of its main features so that you can see if it is worth downloading or not:

Interface. Parallels is very easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to control everything without problems; it also has powerful tools designed for users who want more customisation options when installing the virtual machine (such as automatic alignment of partitions). It is one of its main strengths because most other virtual machines are considered a little complicated to use, although some (such as VirtualBox) offer more functions.

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