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Microsoft’s latest and much-anticipated reward system offers a ton of benefits for those who need to be productive. Microsoft Rewards is available through the Microsoft Edge browser as well as the Windows 10 App Store. It’s a simple, straightforward system that makes it easy for users to earn credits and redeem them for the latest games, apps, and music on Windows and Xbox. By signing up with your email address, you’ll start earning points as soon as you shop at the Microsoft Store online or in store. This is the same way Bing Rewards works, so it’s a familiar experience to those who are already using Microsoft’s old system.


Microsoft Rewards
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How to use Microsoft Rewards

In order to start earning rewards, you’ll first need to sign up for the service. That can be done by visiting this link and entering your Microsoft Account email address when prompted. You’ll then need to verify that account so it’s linked with Rewards before moving forward in the process of accumulating points:

How to earn Microsoft Rewards points

You can start earning points as soon as you sign up. By simply browsing the stores and websites of participating partners, you’ll automatically accumulate credits that will eventually add up when redeemed for free apps and games on your Windows 10 PC or Xbox One console. You won’t, however, be able to redeem points for Microsoft Store gift cards.

There are several ways to accumulate more credits. For starters, you can use Bing to search for something on your PC or mobile device and Microsoft will award points every time that occurs:

Microsoft also encourages users who have already signed up for Rewards with their email address before the app was released. Thus, existing Bing Rewards members will be awarded an equal number of Microsoft Reward credits that are compatible with their existing account.

How to use your rewards

Microsoft Rewards points can be used to purchase anything in the Microsoft Store online or on your Windows 10 PC. You’ll need at least 2,500 credits before you’re able redeem them for an item of your choice; otherwise, the minimum is 5,000 credits required for each individual reward. It’s possible that you might need to accumulate more points before you can redeem them for the items on your wishlist.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft Rewards credits are only applicable towards purchases of apps, games and music in the Windows Store or Xbox store. If users want to save up their rewards so they’re eligible when purchasing a new Surface Laptop or Xbox One S, they’ll need to save up their points until such time that the desired hardware is available. Purchases of physical goods and gift cards are not eligible for rewards.

How to redeem your Microsoft Rewards points

The process of redeeming your points is very simple. When you’re logged in to Rewards, simply choose the Microsoft Store as your shopping destination when making a purchase online or through the Windows 10 App store app on PCs and tablets:

Once you’ve made a purchase, your user account will be updated with the total amount of credits that have been redeemed. It’s important to note that users must pay for their desired item in full before they can redeem points towards its cost. If there are any outstanding charges on an order, then those amounts need to be paid for before you can use your Microsoft Rewards points.

It’s worth noting that users will not receive their rewards until the order is fully processed and shipped out by a participating retailer. It might take some time to accumulate enough credits, so it’s best to wait until there are enough on hand in order to make a purchase.


One of the biggest draws for anyone who’s interested in Microsoft Rewards is that it rewards users based on their purchases rather than through tasks. The platform does have a few ways to earn credits, but they’re not as time-consuming or tedious as other reward systems are. For example, Bing Rewards has members complete surveys and tasks to help expand Bing’s search capabilities, which is pretty cool for the power user in you.

Microsoft Rewards has one main task: buy things from Microsoft Store online or at a physical location once each week. This means that you’ll have seven opportunities per year to earn credits based on your purchases alone. But that’s it.

If you shop from the Microsoft Store online, an extra 10 percent will be added to your rewards credit total for every purchase made with a registered gift card or stored payment method (credit/debit cards and PayPal). This can help put more credits in users’ accounts faster than just shopping outright, but it’s best to use gift cards for those who already have a savings account full of cash.

Redeeming your Microsoft Rewards credits is easy as well. When you’ve earned enough points (15 000), they can be redeemed in increments of 500 at the Windows Store or on Xbox with an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Microsoft Rewards is a no-fuss system for getting your hands on Microsoft products and digital content while shopping at the company store. There are better ways to redeem points (like purchasing gift cards) than just by buying things outright though; you might as well save those points for something else if you’re not going to make use of your credits.

Microsoft Rewards is a worthy addition to the Bing rewards program, and it’s sure to be an easy way for users who shop at Microsoft Store online or in physical locations like Best Buy every once in a while: one credit per transaction, every week. It’s not a bad way to earn some credits, and the rewards you can redeem are only getting more enticing. The Microsoft Rewards program has been updated to include new rewards, including “additional credit for select Xbox game purchases”.

Overall, Microsoft Rewards is a good incentive for those who shop at the store to get some added benefits. It’s not as profitable or rewarding as other reward systems, but it does make sense if you’re already shopping there and can’t find any better alternatives for your money elsewhere online.

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