Mackeeper is a system optimisation software that helps to keep your Mac running clean and safe. It will remove any unneeded files, find duplicates, find unused apps, and much more. The software is jam-packed with the latest technology including the most effective anti-malware protection. You can download it for free or pay for their premium package which includes more features like file backup and sync, bootable USBs, data encryption, remote access support, and others.


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How to Download

Open your browser and head over to Click on the blue ‘Download’ button and the .pkg file will start downloading into your default download folder. Ensure that the URL begins with ‘’ to avoid falling foul of malicious copycat sites. Once the .pkg file has finished downloading, you can move to the next step and begin the installation process.

How to InstallM

Installation is a breeze. Download the installer from Mackeeper website and run it to finish installation in less than 2 minutes with no options for customisation, this means you will get all of their default settings when installing on your system without knowing what each one does until much later. The only thing worth mentioning about the installer is that it will install a custom toolbar extension in Safari and Chrome browsers if you don’t opt out.

How to Scan

Simply select one or all options you want to scan your computer for and click the ‘Scan’ button. It will automatically start scanning shortly after clicking this button. You can also schedule scans at certain times (Startup, Logon, Shutdown).

The app will detect all drives connected to your computer system automatically if they are mounted, including the network locations (FTP servers or shared folders). You can also add a custom scan location by clicking “+” button right above the list of scanned items on the left side of the window where you see currently selected disks/folders that have been already checked for problems. One last thing I would like to mention about scanning is that it takes just a few minutes to complete so there is nothing much to worry about if it seems to be taking a while., especially on a machine more cluttered with files.

If you’re not sure where to get started when running Mackeeper for the first time, the Find & Fix option is the best place to start. There’s quite a dizzying array of choices below this option but Find & Fix will set you on the right track to start identifying and fixing problems with your Mac. Simply select Find & Fix on the left column and click ‘Activate and Fix’ to get started.


Mackeeper can be used to remove unwanted files from your Mac, find and delete duplicate photos in Finder. It will even scan for unnecessary apps that are taking up space or slowing down performance on a mac computer system. Mackeeper will even scan the whole Mac for malware and remove any found to keep your machine safe.

The software scans files, folders, drives or network locations. It is very sensitive so it can find duplicate photos in mere seconds by comparing their size or content of image data with other images on the hard drive to let you know which are duplicates that should be removed without deleting original ones (like backup copies). The app also removes unwanted apps from mac computers like those installed along with Parallels or VMware software.

Mackeeper comes with a built-in virtual keyboard which you can use to type characters in any language and it will convert them into the native mac layout for seamless typing in foreign languages. You can even create your own custom layouts or download preconfigured ones from the Mackeeper website through their integrated App Store tool.


Once you open Mackeeper for the first time, you’ll see their main interface where all of its features are located on the left side with easy to follow categories like ‘Files Finder’, ‘Duplicate Photos Finder’ or Network Tools section below them.

If you don’t like the default look of their interface, it is possible to change the background colour or design by clicking on the ‘Options’ button. This will open a new window which allows for easy customisation settings including your preferred language and other stuff related to software behaviour (like startup options).

By default, mackeeper will automatically start scanning your system once you run any tool including File Finder or Duplicate Photos Finder, etc. regardless of whether they have already launched before or not which means that there’s no way to close this software while keeping others opened without closing them manually. To save your time, you can add it to the list of apps that will remain running when quitting OS X (through Preferences > General tab).

Once the software starts the scanning process, a progress bar appears at bottom and then you’ll see scan results in main window with summary for each section/tool including number of items found by their tool:

Files Finder – shows the total amount of files scanned and how many were duplicates which should be removed from your hard drive.

Duplicate Photos Finder – shows the amount of duplicates found for each file type, total number scanned and how many were selected to be removed.

All-in-all, there’s nothing special about this app compared to other apps out there that do the same thing but it does what is advertised so I won’t complain much because everything works as expected without any issues or bugs during my testing period with no crashes either plus its interface is clean and easy to use.

I liked the software but there are too many unnecessary options that can confuse users. If you’re looking for something to just remove unneeded files and apps then it is good enough for $10.95 per month which seems kind of expensive compared to free tools out there on market even if they only offer basic features like this program does with additional useless stuff included in their premium package (which doesn’t include any real benefits).

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