Kaspersky Anti-Virus


Kaspersky is one of the most trusted antivirus software programs in the world. It has been dedicated to protecting people and their digital data for more than 20 years. Kaspersky’s award winning technologies are designed to protect against all types of malware, including viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, and other web threats. They offer a variety of products that include home software for both Windows and Mac users.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Kaspersky Lab Switzerland GmbH
Windows, macOS, iOS, Android


How to Download

To get started on your Windows or Mac machine, head over to Kaspersky’s download page and click ‘Explore Free Trials’ or scroll down to the package table. Ensure that the URL begins with ‘Kaspersky.com’ to avoid malicious sites.

If you clicked the button, the page will automatically scroll down to the package table. Here you have a choice of the Essential, Advanced, and Premium Suites. The Essential Suite is only compatible with Windows, the Advanced Suite is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android, and the Premium Suite is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. So if you want to install Kaspersky on an iPhone, you have no choice but to choose the Premium Suite. Next click try free, select your region, and click ‘Download Now’.

The download will initialise automatically and the file will go to your default download folder. Once the download has completed you can move onto the next step and begin installing Kaspersky.

How to Install

Open the downloaded installation file to begin installing Kaspersky. Simple click the ‘Continue’ button to get started.

The next screen will prompt you to opt in to the Kaspersky Security Network and to install the Kaspersky Password Manager. It’s up to you if you want to opt in to one, both, or none of these options. If in doubt just leave both ticked and click ‘Install’. After installation another dialogue box will pop up and ask you further questions. Again, it’s up to you but if in doubt leave them all ticked and click ‘Apply’. Kaspersky should now be successfully installed.

How to run a scan

Once you’ve installed Kaspersky, you can run your first scan. Open Kaspersky and click on the ‘Scan’ option.

Next you will have the option of a full or quick scan. We recommend a full scan to ensure your device has no existing threats.

The scan will begin and display a progress bar. You can choose what you want your computer to do after the scan.

Once the scan is complete, Kaspersky will display any discovered threats and its recommended courses of action. If you’re unsure of what action to take then consider the ‘auto’ option to let Kaspersky decide on what should be done to neutralise the threats.


You can protect your family from the most dangerous online threats with Kaspersky’s top of the line protection. They have a variety of different forms that are available for you to choose based on how many devices you wish to be protected and what type of software is running them, such as Mac or Windows. Kaspersky offers a free trial for people to test out the security software before making any purchases.

Kaspersky has been dedicated in offering quality customer support when it comes to all their products and services. They have over 1,000 trained technicians that are available 24 hours per day 365 days of the year. Their staff are ready to answer any questions you may have when using their products. Kaspersky has been dedicated in helping people to protect themselves against the cyber world and all of its dangers for more than 20 years; they will continue this trend with a variety of affordable software that provides security on your Windows or Mac computer, or your Android or Apple smartphone.


As of 2021, Kaspersky is clearly one of the best antivirus softwares on the market. The exact set of available features will, as with any paid service, is significantly influenced by the price plan you choose. This ranges from anything from basic antivirus and anti-malware protection to a comprehensive suite with a slew of extra features.

Another factor that will influence your decision on which package to purchase is the device limit supported by that package. However this should only complicate things significantly if you’re purchasing Kaspersky for a large number of users in an office, for example, where users are likely to have both computers and mobile devices that need protection.

Major testing labs evaluated Kaspersky’s malware scanner as recently as the autumn of 2020. It outperformed its nearest rival Norton, catching 100 percent of zero-day malware and 100 percent of prevalent malware with fewer false positives.

Safe Money is a Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security premium feature that protects your identity and sensitive data when making an online payment.

It does this by executing transactions using a second web browser. This browser is safer than the vast majority of others. It compares the payment page to Kaspersky’s “trusted site” list, which is regularly updated.

Safe Money additionally checks the security of your connection and keeps an eye on your computer for threats that might jeopardise the transaction.

Although many individuals buy products online without thinking about it, fraudsters target money transactions done via popular web browsers. It’s not too risky to send money using a secure browser like Kaspersky Safe Money.

The most expensive package, Kaspersky Total Security, contains the full edition of Kaspersky Password Manager, which allows you to store an infinite number of passwords and vaults under a master password.

Most internet users have a number of password-protected accounts, and internet security experts advocate using a unique nonsense password for each one. Password managers are becoming an increasingly important part of online surfing since most individuals can’t remember that many random sequences of letters.

For Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, Kaspersky has created a browser extension. You may autofill passwords from your vault anytime you visit the appropriate site on that browser after installing the browser extension and activating it using your master password.

If you’re looking for a top of the line security software with an affordable price and don’t mind paying more, Kaspersky Total Security is highly recommended. With its decent interface and all-round protection it’s one that’ll suit most users without breaking their bank balance plus comes with some added features such as Safe Money and Safe Kids. All three premium packages come with a free 30 days trial.

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