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Hero Wars is a fantasy MMO that combines the best elements from every popular genre to create the most advanced, turn-based combat system seen in a mobile game. Players can choose from three classes: Rogue, Wizard and Knight and then customise their character by choosing different looks and abilities for both physical and magical attacks. There are more than 10 different types of weapons and armor to collect on your journey as well as more than 20 unique bosses to defeat.


Hero Wars
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How to play Hero Wars on computer, tablet, and smartphone

It’s easy to play Hero Wars on your computer, simply go here to get started. No need to install anything. The game was originally launched as an online PC title but it’s now available on iOS so users can enjoy all of its features with ease while they are on the go.

As for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, simply open your Google Play or App Store app, search for ‘Hero Wars’ and tap ‘install’. Once it’s done installing then you’ll be able to play right away.


  • Unique turn-based combat system – the only one of it’s kind in a mobile game. The player can move, attack and cast spells on every enemy from any angle. This makes for very dynamic gameplay where players must think carefully about their next action to defeat even lowly goblins.
  • Three different classes to choose from – each with their own unique moves and abilities. Rogue, Wizard and Knight all have a primary attack that uses up Action Points (AP) as well as several passive bonuses for both physical attacks or magical spells respectively. Depending on the player’s play style they can focus on attacking enemies and dodging their attacks or defending against the enemy’s physical attack while dealing out damage with magical spells.
  • More than 20 unique bosses to defeat – each one has its own life bar, abilities and play style so there is no combat repetition! The player will have to figure out a strategy when facing each boss as they have different weaknesses.
  • More than 10 weapons and armor to collect – swords, shields, bows and other medieval weaponry are available for the player to purchase or find in chests scattered throughout Herowars! Armor can be bought with gold or found on monsters that drop it when defeated so make sure to loot every monster you defeat.
  • Different abilities for both physical and magical attacks – the player can upgrade their offensive or defensive skills depending on what kind of weapons they use. Magic users will have access to more spell upgrades than melee fighters so players must make strategic decisions about which type of character best suits their play style.
  • Over 20 different types of enemies – orcs, goblins and even dragons await your challenge! Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses so the player will have to figure out how best to defeat each one using either a physical or magical strategy. The combat system is turn-based but the player only gets a limited number of action points each round so knowing when to strike or defend is key.
  • PvP mode – compete in 1v1 battles with other players from around the world and see who has what it takes to be king/queen of Herowars. The battle arenas are located in the capital city of Dunard and are open to all players that have reached level 30.
  • Customise your character – play as a knight, wizard or rogue! Each class has its own unique moveset but you can also customise the look of each one using different looks for headgear, armor, weapons and spells. There are more than 10 different looks for each to choose from so players will have their own unique character that they can show off in PvP battles.
  • Unique art style – the world of Herowars is a beautifully hand-drawn fantasy realm with colorful environments inspired by medieval times.
  • Optimised for tablets – the game is optimised to run on both phones and 7 inch or larger tablets.
  • Frequent Updates – Developed by InnoGames, a company that has been around since 2001 and employs more than 300 people in offices across the world.



Hero Wars is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) that allows you to create a character and play with other people. In this game, there are three main classes: Knight, Rogue or Wizard. Each class has different attacks such as melee attacks for Knights and spells for Wizards along with their own strengths and weaknesses. Players can also customise their characters with different looks and abilities for both physical and magical attacks. One of the cool features about this game is that you are able to play it offline, in which case your character will not gain any experience but there’s a lot to be said about playing games on an airplane.

When you do play online, there is an energy system that prevents you from playing too much at once and having to log off between battles (unless of course your character has some sort of special ability).

There are also various mounts, armor and weapons to collect on your journey, or purchasable in the in-game store as cosmetic upgrades (this game isn’t pay to win, thankfully). There are 9 different types of mounts with the ability to upgrade them as well along with more than 20 unique bosses that you can defeat throughout the game (which is also a nice feature).

Overall, I found this game very addictive due in part to its turn-based combat and graphics, but also with its fun multiplayer features as well. In addition, you can play this game with friends or solo. I played the single player mode just to see how it was and found that without other players sending me invites every so often (which happened very rarely) there wasn’t much interaction between my character and others online.

It would have been nice if they had a chat feature for this game. But when I did play the multiplayer mode, it was quite fun and there were many people to choose from so you always had someone else available to team up with or fight against. In addition, if players are attempting quests together they will split any money received during their battles (such as from treasure boxes dropped by defeated bosses).

If a player dies in battle they aren’t able to continue fighting until their character is revived. One of the negative things that I found with this game was there were too many ads (which can be turned off for $1) and the fact you could not play this game offline. I do recommend this game as it’s very enjoyable but with so many ads, you may want to wait until they either offer a free app or remove some of the more annoying ones before downloading and playing Herowars for yourself.

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