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If you’re passionate about mobile drag racing games, you’re going to really struggle to find a better mobile racing game than the good old CSR Racing 2, a game that completely changed the world’s expectation and perspective of mobile graphics and has now become one of the most downloaded games on both of the major app stores. Launched back in 2016, CSR 2 was an instant hit because of its Ultra-HD graphics, immersive soundtrack, and stunning visual effects that feel nothing short of a full blown racing game on PC (a slight exaggeration admittedly but this game is really good). In fact, the game has been further polished throughout the years and is now better than ever. In the below guide we’ll show you how to download and install CSR Racing 2 for iPhone & Android, so simply follow the steps below.


CSR Racing 2
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Step 1: How to Download CSR Racing 2?

CSR 2 is a free-to-play drag racing game available for both Android and iOS play stores. The game includes some in-app purchases that you can use to unlock premium items like cars, tuning, and specialized maps. The base game is free and pretty much covers all the levels to beat the last boss.

Furthermore, CSR 2 is also available on Mac and Windows stores if you’re running the latest operating system. In this guide, we’re covering the smartphone part of the game only. To download the game, go to your associated app store, and in the search, bar enter “CSR 2” (as opposed to ‘CS Racing 2’ or ‘CSR Racing 2’).

Tap the Get/Download button and the game will automatically start downloading on your smartphone.

One thing to remember here is that CSR 2 is a bit of a large game, so you need at least 2 GB- 3GB free of space depending on your smartphone.

How to Install CSR 2?

Once you download the game, it will automatically install on your device. The installation can take anywhere from 1-5 minutes. Once done, you can just tap the game icon from your smartphone and start playing.

Although CSR 2 is an offline game, but to play the Live mode, it requires an active internet connection. With this mode, you can drag race with other players around the world and earn some serious bucks.

How to play CSR Racing 2?

Starting from the basics, the app interface is simple and intuitive. At first, you will feel a bit confused as there are so many options, but the App will guide you as you play along. Below we’ve mentioned a detailed discussion of each of the app menu you’re going to use.


The very first option is racing. Laps in CSR 2 are straight forward and there’s not much going apart from just dragging. You’ve got your car and an opponent to your side. Each one of you tries to finish the cross line first, and whoever does so first will win the game.

The game, however, will feel like a bit of drag at some place. Unlike Asphalt games, where you get racing with different laps, the CSR 2 only has one racing mode. Even if the location changes, it’s just the background of the lap, nothing more.

Live Mode

Live mode is a bit of excitement and fun to play. Because you’ll be competing with global players, you’ll be going to see some amazing cars with tons of modifications in each round. Out of 10 games we played during testing, we won 5 of those. And in the story mode, we just keep on winning and winning – Which sometimes lures away the excitement.

The live mode also motivated us to upgrade our car, which we did by spending almost all of our cash. One thing worth mentioning here is that the cash you earn from Live Mode is a bit less to the one you earn from the story mode. So, it’s preferable to do some drag racing on the world before you go to live mode.


CSR 2 like any other game includes plenty of customization options. From painting your car to applying stickers, you can completely change the look of your vehicle from top to bottom.

Although these won’t help you with the racing, it looks cool if you want to show off your car. And who wouldn’t do that? Apart from the paint job, you can also do your body modifications which include the Interior, Livery, License Plate, and Calipers.


As with other racing games, you’ve got plenty of options to increase your car performance and win competitive levels. Each car comes with 4-5 levels of upgrades which include the Engine, Suspension, Transmission, Nitro’s, Car Body, and Tires. You can get these upgrades by spending the cash you earn from races or the coins you have.


Now let’s talk about the overall performance and how good this game runs on both new and old devices. Because CSR Racing 2 was launched back in 2016, it runs pretty well on new smartphones. However, if you’re running an older device then you’ll have trouble with the graphics as the game requires some processing power.

You do get the option to change the graphics in the settings, but you can’t expect much of a performance in this department.

Overall, the game runs like a charm if you have a good smartphone with at least 3 GB of RAM. As for the iPhone, a minimum iPhone 5s is required to fully enjoy the game.

Why Users Keep Coming Back

What makes this game so special, and how come fans still play it after all these years?

Well, for starters, it’s the unique mechanism that Natural Motion Game has appointed in the drag racing department. The devs of the company took everything better from the first game, upscale it, and used it in the second title. There are plenty of cars you can select in the game, tons of modifications, tuning levels, and all the other cars related stuff.

It’s truly an immersive ride for someone that loves car racing games.

Final Verdict

The CSR Racing 2 is a fun drag racing game that is free to play on Android and iOS. The game packs some amazing graphics and is highly addictive if you play live mode. The only downside is the lack of new laps and the ability to spend cash. But this is fine, as most mobile games work on premium features and in-game ads.

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