Chegg is an app that provides homework help for students. Users are able to search for tutors, view solutions to common problems, or request access to an online textbook. Chegg helps alleviate the stress of completing assignments by providing additional support for those who are struggling in the classroom. Students can also find study buddies through the app who they can work with to improve their understanding of difficult concepts. Chegg offers real time assistance on your phone so that users can practice presenting different facts out loud.


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How to download Chegg

The Chegg study app can be downloaded through either the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store. The app can either be downloaded as a study tool only by searching for Chegg, or for a study aid through searching for the app and locating the GradeHero study accessory. GradeHero is a Chegg app that will help your child understand what exactly he or she has to do for a test or assignment. It is an excellent way to prepare you for the next day.

How to use Chegg

After the app is downloaded in the grade hero format, teachers in the classroom can see that this is an app provided by Chegg, and they will sign in with their credentials. An account already has been created for GradeHero as it was previously a final exam app.

Teachers are taking note of the benefits that this app provides for their students and for their class as a whole. The app is interactive and fun for students and for teachers both. Once the teacher has an account created, it is a simple process to navigate from there. Enter the name of your class and subjects you want to cover. Once you check the subjects you want to cover, and you have confirmed that they are all selected, they need to be saved. You can have your students sign into the app so they can receive the same material but with their own personal account.

Teachers and parents can watch their students work and receive instant feedback so they will know if their curriculum is being understood or not. Grade hero is a fantastic tool for help with homework, as well as covering important subjects for class. The app makes it simple to keep up on any subject area for any topic you’re working on.

There are several packages to choose from as well, including monthly packages and an annual package. All accounts have the option to use different accounts on the same device.

For example, devoting an ipad for submitting homework for each student, but only an hour for each session. It is highly suggested to request an account that is available for holidays, winter break, and spring break as well. This way your student will not have a full day off as they don’t have to worry about having to do work while they are away from home.


The Chegg study app is one of the most convenient ways that students can get the answers they need. Utilising the quick answers feature, students are able to simply tap the screen to find the answers to a number of test questions.

They are often able to look up the correct answer very quickly in fact. Users even have a number of different ways that they can improve their problem-solving skills including spelling tests, grammar tests and math application tests. These skills are analytical which means that they must be analysed through careful study and thought. Regularly practicing these types of unconventional testing will build up the skills needed to apply them to test taking situations such as standardised tests like the SAT and other on demand tests.

All students have to do is sync to their Google Goals on the app and they are off to a good start. This app will remind students when it is time to study and it assists them in getting through the material and locating the best resources for problem solving a given mathematical or language problem. For these reasons it is well suited to students whose teachers specialise in learning math, language or history problems. In fact classroom teachers around the world are indicating their support for the Chegg study app, saying that there have been noticeable increases in student performance when using the app for problem solving.

Students who are working on memorising information in class will benefit from the Chegg study app. Using the timed flash feature on this app students can be guided through the process of memorising information. Instead of the repetitious studying that often leads to mental burn out, students can keep a fresh routine.

This app is also accessible from anywhere WiFi is available which makes it a great study companion. Teachers are able to keep immediate tabs on the performance of their students and the app itself makes it easier for teachers to check on performance.

Although some users have reported problems with this app this is generally not the case. Users are able to customise their studies according to their personal learning styles. Students even have the option of either taking a timed or untimed test at their own leisure.

While the app is free and offers a lot of great features, users do have the option to pay a few dollars extra in order to have even more features at the fingertips. Those who do not choose this option are not shortchanged on features. Through this app those who are working on studying for routine tests, graphing problems and vocabulary tests are able to visualise the solutions that their teachers have put forth.

Overall Chegg is a great app for student life. It is one of the most popular study apps available and for good reason. It is user friendly and offers a number of different ways for applying the information that students are learning in class. This app is a valuable resource for those who are stuck on a problem or for students who wish to utilise one of the study tools with a friend. Students can enjoy using the app while they are on break between classes or even during class if the teacher is willing to let the class use the app comfortably. The Chegg study app is an excellent app for any student who is preparing themselves for college.

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