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Ever wanted to spend more than you need to on a product when shopping online? No, we didn’t think so. Capital One Shopping, formerly called Wikibuy, is a free browser extension that automatically searches for the best prices on items you add to your shopping cart. You can compare product prices from various retailers, find the best coupons, and even see the hottest deals on your favorite items on Amazon. You can think of it as your personal online shopping assistant that saves you time and money. In the following guide we’ll take you through how to download, install and get started with Capital One Shopping, as well as a few handy hints and tips and our final verdict.


Capital One Shopping
WikiBuy, LLC
Chrome Extension, iOS, Android


Step 1: Download Wikibuy/Capital One Shopping

First, you need to head to You’ll see a pop-up that asks you to create an account. You can do this by creating an email and password for the site (remember not to reuse passwords, guys!) or sign in with one of your other accounts. Your options for the latter are your Google account, Facebook account, or Capital One account. If you’re not ready to create an account just yet, you can click the Create account later option.

There’s also another way to download Wikibuy – directly from your browser extension store. You can get Wikibuy from the Firefox Browser Add-Ons store, the Chrome Web Store, the Microsoft Edge Addons Store, or the Mac App Store (Safari). Just be aware that due to the recent name change, the extension might be branded differently. On Chrome, Firefox and Mac, it is branded as Capital One Shopping, but on Edge, it’s still Wikibuy. Regardless, it’s the same Wikibuy extension.

Step 2: Install Wikibuy / Capital One Shopping

When you exit the login screen, you should be taken to the home page whether you’ve created an account or not. At the top of the page you should see a highlighted bar that says Add Wikibuy to Chrome. It’s free. At the risk of sounding too obvious here: the wording will be slightly different depending on your browser.

When you click on the Add Wikibuy to Chrome link, you’ll be taken to the chrome web store (or your respective browser store). Then you simply click Add to Chrome

How To Use Wikibuy/Capital One Shopping

Once added and installed, it’s time to get using and saving. When you click on the icon in your browser extension bar (it should look like a white and blue ‘S’), you’ll be taken to a page to create your account. If you created an account earlier, then this step doesn’t apply to you.

You’ll be asked to provide some information, including your first and last name, Zip code (for shipping and tax calculation), and whether you have an Amazon Prime account. It asks about Prime membership because Wikibuy will automatically factor in free prime shipping when you’re buying from Amazon.

Wikibuy Benefits And Features

Automatic Coupons

Automatic coupons are perhaps the best feature of Wikibuy. Anytime you’re shopping on a site that offers coupons or credits with Wikibuy, you’ll be hit with a pop-up notification on the checkout screen that prompts you to try coupon codes. Wikibuy will then automatically scan through each coupon to determine which one gives you the best possible deal. Once it’s finished scanning, it will let you know whether any of the coupons worked, and if so, how much you saved by applying the coupon.

This feature can save you a ton of time and money. Let’s face it; we don’t all have time to research the best cash-saving coupons and plug them into each shopping cart. And if an app can do it all for you, why would you?

Track Prices With The Amazon Watchlist

Let’s say you’re browsing Amazon and find an item that you like, but it comes with a price you don’t like. If you don’t need the thing urgently, you can click the W plus button and add it to your watchlist. Wikibuy will track the item on your watchlist for 60 days, at both Amazon and other retailers, to let you know if the price drops or you can get a better deal elsewhere.

This feature can save you a ton of time and money. Let’s face it; we don’t all have time to research the best cash-saving coupons and plug them into each shopping cart. And if an app can do it all for you, why would you?

Wikibuy (Capital One) Credits

There’s another money-making benefit to Wikibuy in the form of Wikibuy credits that you can redeem for gift cards at popular stores. For example, let’s suppose you make a $200 purchase with a 10% reward; you’ll receive $20 in Wikibuy credit. These gift cards are available for several shops including, Walmart, Sephora, Lowe’s, and Wayfair.

Capital One Shopping (Wikibuy) App

You can download a companion app that has all the same features as the browser extension, and even uses augmented reality (AR) to show you what items will look like in your home. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.


Unlike many other price-busting extension alternatives, Wikibuy is entirely free. There’s no premium, monthly fees, or additional charges for using the app. So, what’s the catch? It does collect your personal information, which it might use to send you personalized ads. But, what app isn’t collecting your data these days?

In terms of cons, there aren’t many, but there are a few. If you live outside the US, you may be able to download and install the browser extension, but you won’t be able to use the app. Additionally, while the Wikibuy credit system is a great little money-making addition, the choices for gift cards are still relatively limited (there’s a total of 37 at the time of writing, and Amazon isn’t one of them).

So, what’s the verdict? Wikibuy is an excellent browser extension. In exchange for your data, you get a superb shopping assistant that will help you find the best deals on the products you love.

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