In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to download and install BlueStacks for PC. We’ll also provide a brief guide on how to use BlueStacks for the first time so that you can get playing without any obstacles.

BlueStacks is the leading Android game emulator for Windows and has been around for a number of years. Recently, it has also become available for macOS users. It simulates an Android device on your PC device, enabling you to download, install, and play games published for Android on the Play store. All you need is a PC and a Google account. Some of the benefits of using an Android emulator on PC are better performance, running multiple games simultaneously, and the convenience of playing the same game on either device.

Lastly, we’ll provide you with an overview of this emulator and how it works.


Bluestacks Systems, Inc.
Windows & macOS


Step 1: Download BlueStacks

To download BlueStacks for your Windows PC, go to the official website and then click the green “Download BlueStacks” button in the middle of the screen. As there is only a Windows version, you don’t have to worry about downloading the right platform.

If required, click “Keep” as indicated by the downward-pointing blue arrow at the bottom left of your screen to allow the download. Then, track the progress here until it’s completed. By default, the file should download under your “Downloads” folder.

Step 2: Install BlueStacks

You can run the BlueStacks installer by either clicking the completed download dialogue at the bottom of your browser window or by going into the downloads folder and running the “BlueStacksInstaller_{version number}.exe” file.

Either way, you might be prompted to Run SmartScreen in order to check whether the app is ok to run. Just click “Run” to continue. And click “Yes” to allow the app to make changes to your device.

That will start the step-by-step installation:

  1. On the first screen, click “Install Now.”
  2. That will begin the process of downloading additional packages. Just give it a moment to finish.
  3. Once it’s done, it will automatically kick off the installation, so you don’t have to take any action.
  4. When the installation completes, it will immediately launch the BlueStacks emulator. The first time this happens, you will need to wait for additional setup to complete. You can track the progress at the bottom of the window.

How To Get Started With BlueStacks

You will need a Google Play account to download, install, and play Android games, as well as sync progress across your Google accounts. The first time you launch BlueStacks, it should prompt you to register or sign in to your Google account. You can leave this until later to first browse the available titles, but you will need to sign in before downloading a game.

Once you’re in, you can browse all available Android games or search for them from the top-right corner. When you find a game you want to install, just click on its title card. If you haven’t done so yet, sign in to your Google account.

That will take you through to the Play store page for the game. Click the green “Install” button in the top right corner to download it. When the download and installation are completed, click “Open” to run the game. That will launch the game ready for you to play.

You can find controls and several other useful settings to the right of the game window, such as volume, toggling full-screen mode, and locking the cursor. To close a game, just hover over the game tab at the top and click the red “x” icon in the tab corner.

You can switch between games you have already installed and the available games by using the “My games” and “Game center” tabs at the top of the emulator.

A Detailed Overview Of The BlueStacks Emulator

Enhanced App And Game Performance

Despite smartphones basically becoming as powerful as pocket computers, they are still far behind the average desktop or laptop PC. Some resource-intensive mobile apps can also result in reduced performance, which can be frustrating, especially when gaming.

Although some emulators don’t efficiently run on other platforms, one of BlueStacks key features is its performance optimization. It allows you to take advantage of the much more powerful desktop hardware to run mobile apps. This should result in smoothly running even the most demanding games and applications from your desktop computer.

Another benefit of this is that you can run multiple games smoothly at the same time. With many games making use of time-based mechanics to collect rewards, this can help you progress faster with multiple games at a time.

Play Any Of Your Favorite Popular Android Games

Currently, BlueStacks supports over 1 million games that are available on the official Play store. This means that all the best and most popular games currently on the market are supported. Most games are supported out-of-the-box, and BlueStacks adds support for games that need it if there is demand.

Play With Preset Or Custom Game Controls

As part of the emulator, BlueStacks provides typical PC keyboard and mouse controls to play Android games with. PC is considered to offer the most practical and efficient controls thanks to the number of keys and the free-moving mouse. That can lead to better and less frustrating in-game controls than the limited options on a mobile interface.

You can even customize your controls for every game by assigning specific keys to specific in-game actions. This allows you to tailor your controls for every game for optimal performance.

Growing Multi-Platform Support

Since macOS version 10.12, there is now a Mac-support version of BlueStacks available. This enables Mac users to also play Android games on their desktop or laptop computers from this version onwards. BlueStacks emulation is not yet available for iOS-specific games or apps, although most popular games are available on both Android and iOS.


The main advantage of BlueStacks is that you can play millions of Android games on whatever device you happen to be using. Progress syncs to your account across devices. Thanks to PCs being more powerful and effective, it can even provide better performance and give you an advantage over playing on mobile.

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