Audible is a company that has distributed audiobooks since 1995. The company operates on an annual revenue of around $100 million and has over 500,000 titles available. There are also many different categories of books including: classics, romance, mystery, and nonfiction. Audible has even started to distribute audio versions of some popular magazines and newspapers. The company also offers a one month free trial, which means that you can listen to audiobooks for up to 30 days without paying anything at all.


Audible, Inc
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Audible has an App that can be downloaded from the Apple app store. The application is easy to use and there are tons of books available for streaming or download at any one time, which makes it a very popular service among many people who love audiobooks but don’t want to spend money on them.

If you’re looking for free audiobooks, Audible is one of the best places to look because all users get a 30 day trial that allows them to listen and download at least 1 book per month without paying anything whatsoever. There are also many other really cheap audiobooks available for under $5.

How does Audible Work?

You may begin an Audible subscription with a 30-day free trial that includes two free audiobooks (or 1 free audiobook or even 3 free audiobooks depending on the promotion Amazon is running).

Amazon Audible’s free trial concludes after 30 days, at which time you may begin paying the monthly membership fee:).

It all depends on the package you pick, your location and the time of year you sign up. However, an average of $15 per month should be considered.

You receive one or two free credits a month depending on the membership you choose with your monthly charge.

A single credit may be used to buy one audiobook at a 1:1 conversion rate.

Regardless of the price tag of the audiobook you choose, you will be charged 1 credit for the purchase of an audiobook.

How to get started with Audible on desktop

The first thing to do is visit the Audible website’s homepage. There should be a button available on this page that allows you to sign up for an account or log in if you already have one, so click it and go through with registering your email address and creating a password using any combination of numbers, letters and symbols that you like.

Next check the email inbox that you registered with to activate your account via the link in the automatic email from Audible. The link will open up a new tab on your browser that will allow you to quickly get started with listening to audiobooks.

Do note that you’ll be charged automatically after your trial period is up. In order to avoid this, cancel the subscription immediately after signing up and just enjoy the free 30 day trial while you can.

How to get started with Audible on Android or iOS

Go to the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) and download the Audible app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign in with your Audible username and password. If you don’t already have an account (and if this is your first time listening) just set up a free trial. You’ll need to be signed into all of these accounts on each device that uses them for syncing.

Be sure to select the right profile in your Settings menu, since different profiles may contain Audible content that you want on each device. When switching between devices and signing into new accounts, be careful not to lose or delete any of your Audible content.

You can also use the same Amazon account for Kindle, which will work with either device (or both of them). Just download and sign into a copy of the app on each phone or tablet that you want to sync from. To switch between devices after signing in, go to Settings then tap your name.

Where can I listen to Audible audiobooks?

You can listen to Audible audiobooks on your mobile device, computer or any other Bluetooth-enabled listening devices. You also don’t need a Kindle eReader – you only have to download the free Audible app and sign in with an Amazon account that has been linked to a valid credit card (no Kindle required).

You can also listen to Audible audiobooks on your Amazon Echo, Fire or other Alexa-enabled device. This means that you don’t need a Kindle eReader in order to play an Audible book – the app will work perfectly fine with any of these devices (Amazon’s website provides more information about Audible for Alexa-enabled devices).

Pros and Cons of Audible


Audible is an excellent way to listen to audiobooks. Not only does it give you access to a huge number of books, Audible also allows users unlimited listening as long as you’re subscribed. The service has great quality and the ability for listeners on Android or iOS devices means that they can listen on the go. Audible also has a free version for listeners who just want to try it out before committing (this is recommended).


Audible is an excellent service but it has its flaws. While audiobooks can be listened to in more places than the Kindle eReader (such as on tablets, mobile phones etc), you cannot use Audible for these devices without a monthly payment – this could potentially mean that many listeners would rather have books on the Kindle eReader. Audible also doesn’t have a very clear process for returning audiobooks – this is something to take into account if you are thinking about getting an Audible subscription (and there’s no way of finding out how long your library has until it expires).

Final thoughts on Audible

It’s clear that Audible is great for those who want to listen to audiobooks, but you might find Amazon Prime Reading more useful if all you’re interested in are e-books (and other digital reading material). If this sounds like it would work well for your needs then you might want to consider this option.

This isn’t just another audiobook subscription – it’s also an excellent way to get access to some of the best books in recent memory, and you can listen on almost any device (even Alexa-enabled devices). You can get a free trial subscription of Audible in order to see if your current lifestyle is compatible with the audiobooks offered by Amazon. If you’re already subscribed, then feel free to use the comments section below and share some thoughts on this service.

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