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Angry Birds is a video game franchise created by Rovio Entertainment. The series focuses on multi-colored birds who try to save their eggs from green-colored pigs. The first game in the series was released in December 2009.

The franchise was created in 2009 by Rovio Entertainment, a Finlayson Partners company. The game started as an idea for the co-founders of Rovio to create something new and different from other video games that were out at the time like Super Mario Bros., Tetris or Angry Birds themselves. They succeeded in creating a game both unique and iconic.


Angry Birds App
Free (In-App Purchases)
Rovio Entertainment Oyj
iOS, Android, Windows


How to play Angry Birds:

The game is played by launching birds from a slingshot to destroy pigs’ structures. The player scores points when the structure falls and if any of the Angry Birds survive, but gets zero for each bird that dies in battle or during an attack on their own home base.

There are three types of power-ups available: Red Bird Bomb which turns all remaining red birds into bombs; Green Piggy Bank (which increases pig’s score every time they eat it); Blue Lucky Feathers which makes one bird lucky enough to get 3 feathers at once while attacking other enemy players bases/structure until there’re no targets left and thus increasing its impact against enemies; Yellow Star Powerup gives extra boost with 5 stars after 10 rounds where attacker receives 4 star bonus making 2 attacks possible before having 1 chance per level without help scoring huge amount vs opponent – higher number = more powerful opponents & harder gameplay. All items can be collected within 30 seconds maximum so use them wisely because you only have few chances as playing goes along.,


• Enjoy a unique blend of classic gameplay and modern graphics.

• Unlock new birds, pigs with special abilities and super-cute accessories.

• Play with a friend in local multiplayer mode.

• Compete against your friends and other players around the world.

• Win awesome prizes from daily challenges and leaderboards.


The game is easy to play and has very simple controls. And when you get into the action, it’s hard not to be sucked in by this addictive game that requires a lot of skill as well as luck on your part. If you are looking for something new with great graphics and sound effects then Angry Birds could be just what the doctor ordered!

The game itself is a great way to pass the time and relieve stress. The graphics are good, but not amazing or super detailed as some games out there nowadays. But I do have one complaint about this particular version of Angry Birds that would make me very sad if anyone else bought it for their kids – this game will probably get them hooked on playing video games! So be wary…I mean don’t buy angry birds for your kid unless you want him/her glued to his/her phone all day long with no social life left at school.

Also besides just moving your birds around it’s also fun as hell trying out different combinations with fruits and power ups (one can only imagine how long it took Rovio devs making this wacky stuff). Besides all that being said my sister loves “Angry Bird” games and she has played many other ones from another developer called Gameloft – those were more complex than Rovio one which was great because even if everyone likes something slightly differently we both could agree: This one wins over them hands down. Hopefully you’ll have the same feeling I had.

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