AdBlock is a software browser plugin that blocks banners, pop-ups, and video commercials on web pages you are browsing. The software works by blocking requests for ads from being loaded. It can be configured to block all ads or just specific types of ads. For example, AdBlock can be configured to block social media widgets or Google Ads. URL filters are also part of the program’s functionality that allow you to block certain websites with undesirable content.


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Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android


How to install AdBlock

AdBlock is compatible with most of the modern web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It can also run on Internet Explorer (version 10+), Opera 12+, Vivaldi 1.0+, Chromium 51+. The program works in Microsoft Edge as well but has some issues there that prevent it from being completely effective.

The program’s installation is simple and straightforward. Simply download the installer from AdBlock website or use Chrome/Firefox extension that guides you through the process of installing it into your browser (see link above). The software itself automatically takes care about updates for its own so there are no additional steps required to install them.

How to use AdBlock

The main window of the program displays its options. You can switch between them by clicking on small icons in the upper right corner or using keyboard shortcuts (see below). All active filters are listed at the bottom part of this screen, together with their status and number for the total number of blocked ads.

The next step is to enable or disable the filters by clicking buttons at their right side, also using keyboard shortcuts (see below). You can block all advertisements on certain websites – do this in the AdBlock settings screen accessed via “Adblock Plus” entry from the main menu and then click on the icon next to its name in the upper right corner of AdBlock’s main window.

The program also offers additional functionality that can be accessed from “Adblock Plus” entry but it is not mandatory for use. You will see there an option called subscriptions which you should check if you want a more dynamic experience with AdBlock – it will enable you to add or create your own list of blocked ads, websites and other elements.

The program’s settings screen also offers an option that allows you to block advertisements on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc., by adding them into the URL tab in “Blockable items” section. This is a fine solution to stop social media from tracking your web surfing habits and displaying ads only targeted towards you.

The program offers some other features that can help protect your privacy on the internet or block specific elements displayed by websites but most of them are not very useful in everyday browsing.

Is AdBlock Premium worth it?

AdBlock Premium is a premium product and will cost $1.49 per month or $12.99 for the year, paid in advance via Paypal (there’s no credit card option). You can buy Adblock Pro here if you don’t want to pay that much.

The cost of Adblock Premium is less than most subscription ad blockers but it does not offer as many features. For example, there’s no extra filter lists you can use or an option to block trackers and other ads like SuperBlock Origin , one of my favorite extensions for Chrome . There are also some restrictions on which extensions you can use, but these are very minor.

AdBlock Premium has a few nice bonuses like the ability to replace ads with images from a preset library, disable auto scrolling videos, and adjust the app’s theme. All of these are nice but we don’t really need any of them to get the most out of AdBlock.


AdBlock is a great software for blocking ads on web pages you are browsing. The program’s functionality can be easily customized and extended by adding more websites or elements to block, which makes it very useful in everyday use of the internet. AdBlock works quickly and efficiently but its biggest downside is that adverts don’t always disappear on the page you are browsing (sometimes they become hidden).

It has been created by an excellent team of developers who are constantly working to bring the new features or fix problems with this software, so you should expect frequent updates for it. The extension runs smoothly and doesn’t have any obvious issues, which is an important part of its overall usefulness.

AdBlock can be used as a replacement for other ad blockers such as AdGuard or ublock origin since it offers similar features with them at comparable efficiency in blocking ads on web pages you visit while also offering some additional features that can help you protect your privacy on the internet.

AdBlock is compatible with most popular browsers and works without problems in all of them, so it’s a great choice for those who want to block ads but don’t have enough time or knowledge about other ad blockers out there. The software is available for free and it can be installed on a computer with just one click, so you should give this application a try if you are looking to get rid of unwanted ads while keeping all other content intact.

AdBlock is available for free and can be downloaded from Adblock official website by clicking the download button below this review, or via Chrome/Firefox extensions (see links at top).


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Block ads on most popular browsers, including Chrome/Firefox/Safari etc., with just one click of the mouse button or a keystroke combination.
  • Blocks ad trackers from tracking your web surfing habits and behaviors for targeted advertising purposes (updates included).
  • The program is compatible with all major web browsers.


  • The program isn’t open source, which means that you cannot be absolutely sure about its security and privacy aspects since the code of AdBlock hasn’t been audited by third parties (updates included).
  • The program enables sponsored ads on sites with available whitelist (updates included).

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