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Droidsheep is the best tool for hijacking web sessions. You can use it for sidejacking web sessions. 

Android is the most famous OS for mobile devices. More than 2.5 billion devices are running on Android. Thus, most of the people are using Android devices. They are using it for accessing websites. In the past, there was a tool known as Firesheep. People used it for hijacking social networking sessions. Now, there is a similar tool available for Android OS.

You can use Droidsheep for hijacking web sessions of other users. It is a very simple tool. Droidsheep will monitor the wireless connection for HTTP packets. It will use these HTTP packets for extracting the session ids. Thus, you can reuse these session ids.

DroidSheep supports open wifi networks. It also supports WPA2 and WPA encrypted networks. Droidsheep is a completely open-source application. Thus, you can also edit its source code. You can use it for intercepting unprotected sessions via Wifi. This tool should be only used for testing security vulnerabilities. However, you should root your device before using this application. If your device is rooted, then this application will work properly.

Key Features:

  • You can use it for analyzing the security of your Wifi network.
  • You can use it for hijacking web sessions.
  • You can also use it monitoring an open wifi network.
  • You can use it for hijacking your friend’s account.

Droidsheep is a very powerful android tool. You can use it for examining the security of your networks. However, you can also use it for hijacking other sessions. This tool will help you in protecting your network. Thus, you can protect your network from attackers. But, you first root your mobile device. This app won’t work on non-rooted devices. Also, you must install SuperSu on your mobile device. After that, you can easily install this app on your device.

You can download Droidsheep from this link. If you want to read its source code, then you can check Github.



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