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Faceniff is a very powerful Android application for hackers. You can use it for scanning your network for vulnerabilities. Faceniff Pro will also allow you to obtain sensitive information. You can use it for obtaining Facebook, Youtube and Twitter passwords. Faceniff is using Man in the middle attack for obtaining information. It will work on most of the sites. However, if a website is using HSTS, then you need to do some extra work.

You can also use it for hacking into other devices. However, both devices should be connected to the same network. This application will help you to intercept other sessions. Faceniff is just like the Firesheep application. However, it is very easy to operate.

This application will work properly on rooted devices. Thus, it is best to root your device. There are various applications present in the market that can root your device. Hence, you don’t need to worry about following any complicated process.

Key Features:

  • Stealth Mode: This mode will ensure that your device is invisible to other devices in the network. Thus, you can easily bypass the security of routers. It will help you in intercepting the traffic of routers.
  • Filter Cookies: This will ensure that other users can’t check your cookies. Thus, it will protect your device from other users. You can easily intercept the sessions of other users. However, there will be no trace of your session. This will ensure that the victim can’t track you. You can use this for hiding your device identity.
  • Alert: If some new device is in your network, then this app will send a vibration alert to your device. Thus, you can start intercepting that device.
  • SSL Integration: If someone is using HTTPS, then it will become difficult to intercept their data. Thus, this application will force that device to use an HTTP connection. You can log all the data of your victim device. Also, you should use an HTTPS connection for protecting your data. This will protect your device from a similar attack.

If you are a beginner, then this application is perfect for you. You can use it for intercepting other device sessions. Thus, you can even obtain sensitive information like passwords. The application is completely free to use. However, this application is available for android devices. If you want to use it on your desktop, then you should install the emulator first.

You can download FaceNiff APK from this link



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