7 Tech Tools To Help You Launch Your Tech Startup


There are many new tech-centric businesses right now that could save money and make their operations run more effectively by embracing change, yet they are hesitant to jump on board. Why is this? Simply put, a lot of the tools available to small businesses now used to only be accessible to large enterprises. Therefore, many business owners see it as being too expensive of an investment — not to mention they have to change certain ways of how they do business.

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The truth is, however, that much of the tech being used by smaller companies today pays itself off in no time, and it can actually make your company money in the long run. If you’re looking for ways to keep up with the rapid pace of tech evolution and push your startup forward, the seven kinds of tech listed here should be the first ones you consider.

A Stellar Website

First of all, your company has to have a good website. Whether you sell your innovative new products or everyday services, you need a clean and attractive site that engages the audience. A lot of potential customers and clients will make judgments about your credibility as a company simply by the way your site looks and functions. Make sure it looks professional and contains elements such as product photos, blogs, product/service descriptions, a mission statement, etc. Check out job boards to find professionals who can help make your website more engaging and attractive. For instance, you can find Upwork freelancers that specialize in web, mobile, and e-commerce development.

Mobile Tech

In 2018, 52.2 percent of all internet traffic was conducted on a mobile phone. Think about that for a second. It’s likely that more than half of your potential customers/clients will visit your website on their phone. This means that your site must be mobile-friendly. Additionally, you should consider getting the tech necessary for mobile payment. Not only does it allow you to accept payment from anywhere, but more and more customers are also expecting to pay from their mobile as the tech continues to get better.

When it comes to smartphone tech, don’t just consider your customers. If running your business requires you to be on the go, you’ll need a smartphone that can keep up so that you can continue to communicate with your customers and employees through video calling and email. A high-performing smartphone will also be able to effectively run any business apps you need throughout the day. If you’re in the market for a newer model, the iPhone 11 Pro Max phone has speedy performance, facial ID, and a fast-charging battery. Or the Samsung Galaxy S10e is a powerful phone with excellent display.

The Cloud

In the simplest of terms, the cloud allows you to access and share data, software, and resources via the internet. Cloud computing is so prevalent these days that you have probably used it without even knowing it. For small business owners, the cloud can prove much more efficient than using expensive hardware or using physical space to store important files.

Data and Network Security

One of the most essential kinds of tech that every business should embrace is data and network security. The rapid pace of technological advancement brings with it the inevitable threat of cybercrime. Protect your business from cyberattacks by investing in tech such as:

  • Data loss prevention

  • Email encryption

  • Antivirus and spam protection

  • Firewalls

  • Wireless network security

  • Browser security


Artificial intelligence is now a reality, and one of its forms available to small businesses today is chatbots. Chatbots can actually work wonders for a company’s customer service operations. They are most commonly used to provide intelligent answers to customer questions, and they can also boost a company’s conversion rates. You can use chatbots on your website and on your social media pages.

Collaboration Tools

With more and more employees working from home at least part of the time — not to mention a flourishing freelance market — collaboration tools are a must-have for any company that has remote workers or that partners with other businesses on projects. Make sure you have the necessary video conferencing software, as well as tools that foster teamwork and communication, such as Slack or GoToMeeting.

Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest things ever to happen for business marketing. If your company harnesses the power it offers, it can do wonders for your growth — and it’s cost-effective, too. For instance, you can promote your brand and product in a number of creative ways (e.g., stories on Instagram, announcements on Twitter), expand your customer reach across the globe, and share loads of information about your business.

Also, active social media users can even share your posts with their friends/followers, thus covering some of your marketing responsibilities for you. Moreover, sites like Facebook offer free analytics tools to help you communicate with customers and build your brand.

While certain tech requires an investment upfront, much of it is cost-effective, and all the options listed in this article can make your company money in the long-term. Remember to look into the various types of outside funding that can help you invest in must-have tech for your business. Also, be sure to do further research on the tech being made available to small businesses of all shapes and sizes. You may be surprised by how quickly technology can take your company to the next level.



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