Download zANTI Full Version


Download zANTI Full Version – ultimate wireless network tester that allows you to find if there are any intruder connections and to prevent vulnerabilities of your WiFi connection.

Are you concern about your personal or business network safety? Or maybe you are feeling that somebody may be stealing your bandwidth? No matter your reason, if you want to inspect your network setup and ensure that it is safe and sound, just download zANTI from the link below and let it do its magic.

Furthermore zANTI is penetration testing and security analysis toolkit. If you own a wireless network, this tool will scan it for vulnerabilities by simulating various forms of attacks on mobile devices. As a result it identifies unsafe elements of your network creating a comprehensive risk assessment, and leads you to the right solutions.

Download zANTI Full Version

zANTI is developed by Zimperium, click here to download directly from the official website.



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