Small Business Savvy: Tech Tools to Propel You Forward


Running a business is no small feat, and at times it can seem as though you are struggling. You have a million things to do that you want done quickly and correctly, so where does that leave you? There are tech tools available to enable you to come up for air, boost productivity, and reduce the stress you’re feeling. If that sounds enticing, then read on.

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Safeguard Your Business

Security breaches are common in large businesses, but small businesses aren’t immune. It will take more than a basic firewall to offer top notch protection, and failing to do so can result in file damage, leaked personal info, loss of revenue, loss of customer trust, and worst case scenario, the failure of your business. The best protection will provide anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, encryption, and system backups. To find the right program for you, use the guide from TechRadar to explore paid and free antivirus programs such as Avast Free Antivirus, which comes with enough protection and free features to get the job done.

Converse With Others Easily

Sure, scheduling a meeting at the local coffee shop makes you feel fancy, but wouldn’t it be easier if you could talk with employees, clients, and customers from the comfort of home? Video conferencing makes it easy to connect with a remote team or dispersed clients/customers, and it’s more engaging than a phone call as it requires you to pay attention. Video conferencing sounds high-tech, but it doesn’t come with a high price. In fact, Owl Labs put together an entire list of free video conferencing tools. The most popular is Zoom, which touts the ability to host 100 people, screen sharing, private chat, and scheduled meetings.

Combine Tech and Money-Making

You wouldn’t be in business if you weren’t making money, but there are tech tools you could be using to increase your sales. Social media is a prime example, as you can set up a business page or account for free. From there, you can enhance your social media presence by posting promotions, coupons, and eye-catching content, as well as engage with customers to boost sales and increase website traffic. To help you manage various platforms, use social media automation such as the free version of the popular Hootsuite app that lets you manage three social media platforms and schedule up to 30 posts. Another way to boost sales is through an online marketplace other than your website, such as Rakuten. Other features that you can expect when selling your products on one of these websites include simplified order processing and access to customized support.

Manage Your Documents

If your desktop is so covered in files and folders that you can’t see the screensaver of your kids, it might be time to think about a new method to control the chaos. An organized system makes it easier to locate and share documents, create an audit trail, and reduce your paper pile. Rather than shell out the cash for a bookkeeper, the answer to your problem is document management software, and Inc. put together a helpful guide to help you. Zoho Docs is one you may have heard of, and it comes with a free version that gives you 5GB of storage for up to 25 people. Combine this with accounting software to make tracking sales, expenses, and tax documents easier, and you’ll be a business pro. Zoho comes in handy again with Zoho Books to make accounting a little less scary.

Running a business means all hands on deck. However, with all the tasks and responsibilities expected of you, it can feel like you’re stuck in the ocean without a paddle. By using some of the tech tools above, you’ll be able to propel you and your business forward.


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