How to Make Money Online?


Learn all about how to make money online from home.

Internet is a very important thing that advanced every aspect of life to the next level. Problems are getting solved with the help of internet power. Education is on the go. Everyone is independent of doing anything over the internet. Every hard work started to convert into smart work. Literally, internet just have boosted the human life with ease. Besides of all this, it gave birth to an endless earning platform to make money from home by doing different sort of tasks. Question rises here, how to make money online? It’s answer is a bit tricky and that’s why I am just going to share really working ways to make money online.

There are many different ways to earn by sitting at your home. The problem is most of the people couldn’t get it which one’s is an authentic and going to work for ’em. In fact this doubt isn’t their mistake but it’s the result to the scam that most of the sites do on the name of money making. It’s hard for a non-technical user to identify which one is a scam game or which works in legit way. So, here I will show all the legit and working ways to make money from home with real work.

So, how to make money online?

Before I start about the ways to make money from home, I want to clarify one thing. There’s nothing you can earn without putting your hard work into it. And it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be consistently hard work and be patient until you see it generating revenue for you. Ok now let’s move to how to make money online.

There are many ways as I said before, but I am going to share most of the authentic and working ways in which you can really make money online.

7 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

  1. Start a Blog
  2. Ecommerce Store
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Selling on ebay/amazon
  5. Freelance Services
  6. YouTube Channel
  7. Domain Name Flipping

Let’s dive into the details how we can make money from home by all of the mentioned 7 legit ways to make money online.

1. Start a Blog

Blog is a type of website that shares informational resources and discuss about different things over the internet. It’s a great way to convey information to the others and share opinions with each other. People who share these information and different resources over the internet or world wide web are called bloggers. So, how to make money online by starting a blog. Here’s complete guide you need to know.

  • First of all , create a blog. If you have no idea where to start with creating a blog, just follow this article on how to start a successful blog here.
  • Keep posting on your blog frequently like three to four articles a week to make it active in the eyes of your audience.
  • Optimize it for search engine’s so your blog starts getting enough traffic and you can be eligible to apply for any advertising platform like Google Adsense (an ad serving platform).
  • There’s another way it can generate revenue for you that you rent out space or a banner to some organization that needs advertising and that way you earn really handsome income.
  • In short, a blog can make money online for you in many different ways.

2. Ecommerce Store

This is a very trendy way to make money from home as internet opened a modern way to sell and shop by just few clicks sitting on your couch. Ecommerce store is a type of website that sells different products online. Everybody loves to shop with ease, so this is how ecommerce store are being very trendy as most of the people shop online without going to market. To start your very own ecommerce store that can make money online for you, follow the instructions.

  • Find a product to sell online. You can also sell multiple products that you want.
  • Create an ecommerce store. if you have no idea, how to create it, you can follow this step by step tutorial on how to create a shopify store here.
  • There are different platforms on which you can create a store, but shopify is best with it’s super class features and easy to use.
  • Make sure to use a simple and engaging look that buyers feel it appealing.
  • Once your store is ready, start optimizing it for search engines.
  • Start marketing it to drive more people to your store that turn into buyers.
  • More you sell, more you earn.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is a sort of marketing technique that gives opportunity to earn by referring people to engage with some company or to brought customers to the company. And in reward, we get paid a commission for bringing that customer. So, how it works, just pay attention to the following points.

  • Create an account for affiliate network. There are hundreds of companies that offer affiliate services. i.e:,
  • Once you create an account, you get an affiliate or referral link from the affiliate network. You bring people to sign up and buy the product by sharing your referral link to them. There are many ways to share like email, blog post.
  • As some one buys product or fulfills the condition of affiliation, we get our commission.
  • More people fulfills affiliate network condition, more you get paid.

4. Selling on Ebay/Amazon

This is almost same to the ecommerce store. In ecommerce store, we create our very own store where we sell our products and we manage store as we want. But in selling with ebay/amazon, we use a third party platform to sell our products.

This is really good way to sell online as these platforms already have tons of engaged buyers that shop daily directly from ’em. We simply list our products on their website and when a buyer purchases our product we fulfill the order and get paid.

In this, a third party is the authority which takes care of both buyers and sellers and also takes action against fraudulent activity by processing disputes.

5. Freelance Services

Freelance services are the digital services which people buy online. This is a rapidly growing way to make money online. It works in the same fashion as ecommerce stores do. In freelance services, person provides technical services instead of the physical goods. A freelancer doesn’t work on salary basis for one employer. Freelancer is hired for specific tasks to perform as per needs. For that tasks, he might charge hourly or a fixed price.

  • To, work as a freelancer, make sure to follow a skill. Find out your strong technical niche of work.
  • Once you find your perfect job match, create an account to a freelancing website. There are many freelancing platforms. i.e:,,
  • Start applying to the projects that match to your skills.
  • You can also create your own service gig that might interest buyers who are eager to the service you’re providing.
  • More clients offer you project, more you earn.

6. YouTube Channel

YouTube is the world’s biggest video sharing platform. Every minute hundreds of the websites gets uploaded to YouTube. Each minutes millions of videos being watched. So, how to make money online by YouTube channel.

  • Before you start a YouTube channel, point out a niche about which you can create videos. It totally depends on you.
  • Once you’re done with your niche selection, create a YouTube account by signing up for Google. As you create account for YouTube, a channel is gets created.
  • Now create videos on your selected niche.
  • As you’re done with making videos, upload it to YouTube.
  • More you upload, more views to videos and more you earn.

7. Domain Name Flipping

This is a great way of make handsome income on buying and selling domains. This works in the same way as we buy a product and sell it by some percent of profit on it.

People buy different domains and list ’em on different domain selling platforms like

In domain name flipping, you can make really handsome profits by just buying and selling domains. This totally depends on your domain quality that you’re selling.


So, you have seen all the 7 legit ways to make money online. Here’s a short summary about earning online.

  1. Start a blog and earn by renting out your blog space.
  2. Create an ecommere store and sell different physical products online.
  3. Create an affiliate network account and bring people to earn commission.
  4. Sell different products on ebay/amazon.
  5. Provide digital services on freelance networks.
  6. Upload videos to YouTube and make money.
  7. Sell domain names to make profits.

These are all the 7 legit ways to make money online from home. Follow these 7 legit ways to make money online and you would be happy that took a chance.


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