Kali Linux VirtualBox Installation


Kali Linux VirtualBox Installation is the most effective way to use Kali Linux as a secondary operating system without any additional resources.

Kali Linux is the most powerful and super advanced penetration testing machine introduced yet. It is bundled with most powerful penetration testing tools used for every sort of hack and attack. To get maximum advantage of kali linux powerful tools, you just need to switch your OS to kali linux to gain the power of it’s extra perks. This was a big problem for the users who don’t want Kali Linux as their permanent operating system. But no need to worry now. I just have created a complete step by tutorial on kali linux virtualbox installation where you can learn easily you can install kali linux within your current operating system. In this way, you can use kali linux on your current OS without switching. You just need to run it on the same device within the same operating system.

Kali Linux VirtualBox Installation

Installation is so simple that anyone without special skills can install it easily. I have segmented it into two parts, one is the installation and configuration of virtualbox that runs the OS within the current host OS and second is the installation and configuration of kali linux.

Install VirtualBox

  1. Download Virtualbox that is compatible to your OS architecture.
  2. Run the setup.
  3. Simply go through clicking next next next and finish the installation. If you like to change some of the default paths or settings you can do it while you’re installing during these steps.

Install and Configure Kali Linux VirtualBox Image

  1. Download Kali Linux Virtual Image from it’s official website. Make sure to choose the ‘VirtualBox Images‘ first and then choose according to your system’s operating system architecture whether it’s 64x bit or 32x bit during the Kali Linux VirtualBox installation as shown in the screenshot below.
  2. We’ve installed virtualbox before installing Kali Linux. Now after downloading, open the Kali Linux Virtual Image by simply double clicking on the left mouse key. It will be opened in virtualbox with a pop-up to import it’s pre-configured settings.  Just click on the Import button. It’ll take few minutes to complete.  
  3. Once it completes importing configuration settings, your Kali Linux is ready to use as a virtual machine.
  4. Remember Kali Linux’s username is root and password is toor by default.

If you are unable follow how to do it or face any issue, watch this complete video tutorial on kali linux virtualbox installation or simpley comment below.

Video Demonstration of Kali Linux VirtualBox Installation


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